Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Braves in Colorado then back home for Mets

The Braves went 5-1 on their homestand against the Marlins and the Cubs, and were it not for some bad luck in the Saturday game against the Fish, the Braves could have had back to back sweeps. That's a nice turnaround from getting swept by the Phillies, but neither the Cubs nor the Marlins are going to present a challenge for most of the league this year. The Cubs are over-hyped and struggle to score at times, and the Marlins are rebuilding from the studs up.

That brings us to Colorado, where the Braves won last night 8-6 in a game that was closer than it should have been thanks for Julio Teheran's penchant for giving up the atom-bomb homer. If you think I'm above taking shots at Julio every time he pitches, think again. I'll ride that pony until it leaves town.

Colorado is also a complete disaster to start the season, so the Braves should take one if not both of the next two games against them. That being said, the first real test in over a week will come when the Braves have a home 4-gamer against the hot Mets, who are 6-3 on the season and 5-1 on the road.

I'll skip over the Colorado series because Colorado is a dumpster fire, and set you up for the series against the Mets this weekend.

Thursday - Wright vs. Matz
Friday - Newcomb vs. Wheeler
Saturday - Teheran vs. Some Guy
Sunday - Some Guy vs. deGrom

We don't have projected starters yet for the Saturday and Sunday matches but it would be the slot for Fried if he was going to go against deGrom, and that would be a spectacle. I would love to see us put out Fried against the Mets best.

Wright versus Matz will also be interesting because Matz has given up a solo earned run this year and that's it. Wright on the other hand has given up 5 earned in 2 losses. The natural expectation is for Wright to implode and Matz to roll, but baseball has a way of turning that expectation on it's head early in the season. Matz has only faced Washington and Miami hitters, neither of which was anywhere near as good as the Braves, while Wright got dinged up by the Philly lineup for one of his losses, in addition to Miami as well.

Teheran will continue to look bad but somehow the team will score 8 runs and he'll get to pitch for the rest of the season as I pull my hair out and fire slippers at the TV. Yes I'm bitter, fight me.

Newcomb was great in his last two outings, but he's an up and down guy. However, Wheeler has come out early in the season, and he can't find the zone at all. He walked 7 against Washington and gave up 7 earned in his last game. Maybe Wheeler will shake it off and get right against the Braves, but historically that hasn't happened, and the Braves have had great success off him. I'd like to see the win there to even the series if Wright drops the first game to the Mets.

Overall, I'd like to learn something about the Braves in this series. If we can play with the Mets and make this series 2-2 or even win it? That shows me we're ready to take on a wild card hunt, if we lose 1-3 or God forbid get swept? That would tell me more about where this train is heading.


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