Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Braves in a Blizzard

The Braves are trying to escape winter storms that are poised to hit the Denver area today. The scheduled match between Atlanta and Colorado is supposed to be 1:10PM Mountain Time, but according to the Weather Channel hourly report, there's a 90% chance of Thunderstorms rolling in at 1PM MDT.

And it only gets worse from there. Once the rain starts, it's supposed to continue for the next 5 hours non-stop, with temperatures dropping from 51 degrees to 32 degrees in that five hour timespan.

Then, the snow comes. Yes, 26 mph winds will bring with it about 5' to 10' of snow on the Denver metroplex. That's supposed to continue until about 1AM MDT, or 3AM here in Atlanta.

If I'm a betting man (and we all know I am) unless there's some sort of freak miracle, they will cancel this game within the next few hours, and the Braves will get on a plane to beat out then incoming storm before everything gets grounded at the Denver airport. Because believe me, that airport is going to get shut down for the evening if they are getting socked in with 25+ mph winds and near a foot of snow in 6 hours.

Let's hope everyone gets back safely for the Mets series that starts tomorrow.


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