Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Braves beat Cubs 8-0 in home opener

Everybody breathing a little easier now? Wins will do that. Especially shut-out wins at home. Does this mean I'm optimistic we're going to the playoffs now? Of course not, because again, it's just one game.

I like recaps because it gives us all a moment to reflect in time. It also provides a historic lookback where I can search my archives and see what I was thinking about the team on a Tuesday in April. Today I feel pretty good, who wouldn't?

The Good - The Braves scored 8 runs, had 2 homers, all the position players got at least one hit, and Albies went 3/4 currently looking like the best hitter on the team. Also the pitching staff gave up nothing, the bullpen had no walks, and Sean Newcomb got through his first start with no ERA damage.

The Bad - Sean Newcomb wasn't actually good. He was lucky. Also he was able to pitch to contact a ton because the Braves jumped on the Cubs early. However, 6 hits and 4 walks in 4 innings? That's not going to be sustainable against a team that can actually score runs. Currently these Cubs don't qualify.

Play of the game was one you should have seen on highlight reels all over ESPN and Twitter, as Dansby Swanson misplayed a grounder, it jumped out of his glove straight over to Josh Donaldson, who barehanded the ball and threw out the runner at first in one motion. Also Josh has a crazy mullet thing going on. That's what I remember thinking after that highlight.

Braves win (yeah!) and now we have weird day off in the middle of a series (boo!). We'll pick up action with the Cubs again on Wednesday, and close out the series Thursday.


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