Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Where will the Braves finish

Since the Braves were 45-45 and playing .500 baseball, the insane rumblings of the fanbase were about how the Braves might be buyers at the trade deadline. That was and will always be the ravings of ignorant people about what the purpose of this team was this season. The job of the Braves this year was to be mildly entertaining enough so that people would want to show up to a new ballpark and drop their cash there while we waited another year to see the younger prospects get their turn. Nothing more.

We were never competing for anything, and now you're getting a full dose of that reality as a fan. Instead of a 45-45 team, the Braves are now a 7-19 team with 46 games left to play. If they continue on that pace, they will win about 12-13 more games and finish at best with 65 wins. That would be the worst season we've had since the rebuild started two seasons ago. But do I care if they finish with 65 wins or 70 wins? No, because it's all irrelevent. We know where the team is heading and that's a youth movement. And if you didn't know that by now, I'm sort of wondering what the true expectation was.

So year 3 will be in the books as another dud when we look at the finish. In about 3 weeks we'll see even more of the young guys come up as 40 man rosters extend the bench. That's when I think you'll see more full time debuts of pitching prospects we've only heard about, and maybe some young field players like Acuna that we've yet to see.

Year 4 is the year I expect this team will really move back towards relevence. Do I think they'll win? No. I think they'll probably finish with wins in the 70s, but they'll have a ton of on the job learning as the young prospects finally start to sink or swim. I don't believe you really start to compete until Year 5 of a rebuild and I've said that before. It's tough, but that's where we live.

What I'm looking forward to at the end of the year is seeing all the September call-ups and I hope the Braves don't waste the opportunity. September and Spring Training should be auditions for everybody under the age of 25 to make this team full time. I know certain positions like 1B and CF are locked up right now, but everything else in the field is going to be pretty wide open. The Braves may trade or release Nick Markakis if they have a better option in RF, and they are hoping Matt Kemp hits well enough that they would do a mid-season trade to take most of his salary away to another team to build up 2019 cash reserves for free agents.

But SS and 2B are still going to be a battle. 3B is a battle. Catcher is still a question. Most of the rotation for the pitching staff is up for grabs. I want to see these young kids fight for spots in September because that's what makes the team worth watching now. We're not competing for anything but the future, and W/L totals going forward don't bother me at all if it includes some on the job training.


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