Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dansby send to AAA, Garcia traded

I was dead wrong about Dansby Swanson this season.

One of my predictions was that he would be on pace for the Rookie of the Year honors, and there was no way he was getting sent down even after his on the field struggles. Enter Johan Camargo and everything changed for Dansby. Here's the true numbers for Swanson right now on this season, (compared to the league average):

Batting average - .213 (.255)
On-Base Percentage - .287 (.325)
Slugging - .312 (.427)
OPS - .599 (.751)

As you can see, Dansby is almost 150 points lower in OPS, 115 points lower in slugging, 40 points lower in OBP, and 40 points lower in average than a standard baseball player.

His WAR is -0.3, and his defensive metrics are terrible with 14 errors, a below average Zone Rating, and very average range for his position. Overall, he's just not a good player at this level, and so he needs to spend some time in the minors honing his craft.

Remember that Dansby has never played an inning in AAA. He was skipped from AA up to the majors which is now looking like a giant mistake. Mentally, he's not ready for the pressures of the league, and defensively he doesn't have the fundamentals down to play the SS position at the highest level.

However, this can be a good thing for Dansby who was something of a golden child for his entire career up to this point. If he takes the tack of Adonis Garcia, who was sent down to the minors also over his attitude and defensive ability, works hard down there, and then comes back up to the MLB level, he can really improve as a player and improve his defense and approach. I don't think he's done and I don't think the Braves are walking away from Dansby. I do think they are correcting the error of promoting him too early.

Jaime Garcia was also traded this week for cash and a bag of balls named Huascar Ynoa, who you will probably never see outside of the minors, and adds to the list of names I'll never want to learn to spell consistently. The Braves did this deal to save $4.7M of Garcia's money. That's all. It's simply a cost control move and a lottery ticket in Ynoa. I can't get excited about that because I know that money under Liberty Media's ownership is unlikely to ever end up back in roster decisions.

I'm going to do another article at the end of the week detailing where we are in the season after 100 games, but needless to say I think we're all indifferent to this team at this point. After a run of getting to .500 they've full accepted the fact they are sellers, and NFL presseason football is less than a week away. Once you hit August with a MLB team you know can't win, we all sort of move on to watching the presseason and looking at our college football teams.

I can't wait for both to be honest.


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