Thursday, May 18, 2017

Freddie Freeman out 10 Weeks, All Hope is Lost

We had a good thing going didn't we? The Braves were sort of turning things around against Toronto and they were getting on track to possible get close to .500 again. Freddie Freeman was having undoubtedly the best start of his career. And now we learn that he's going to be out 10 weeks for a broken wrist because some idiot maple leaf syrup guy hit him with a fastball. Life isn't fair in baseball.


At least Dansby is improving and the team was scoring 4+ runs a game. If the pitching staff wasn't such a wreck, I'd feel pretty good about our chances to just weather the storm and play decent baseball if Freddie was just going to miss a month. But 2.5 months? There's no way the offense can recover from that kind of loss. You're talking about MAYBE Freddie getting back at the earliest in mid-July, and more likely at the beginning of August. The season will be truly over by then, and there's almost no point in having him worry about struggling with it, other than getting reps for next year.

I didn't think we'd win the division but I held some hope that with the offense improving Freddie would be the All-Star leader of the team and a possible MVP candidate. That's not going to happen now. I have to admit it really takes what was already a sort of questionable season and makes it completely awful. If we don't get the chance to see some of the young guys come up and play now? I don't know what the point of watching this team is beyond simply habit. I need to know that the guys we're playing will be here for the division run we hope to make.

That's not guys like Adonis Garcia, Nick Markakis, Jace Peterson, Kurt Suzuki, Tyler Flowers, Bartolo Colon, Jaime Garcia, RA Dickey, Emilio Bonafacio, or Brandon Phillips. I can pretty much say with certainty, most if not all of those players won't be on this team in 2019. And 2019 is the 5th year of the rebuild, the year I expect to compete for a division again.

So now? With no Freddie and only Dansby, Ender, and Kemp as 3+ year or longer parts of this team? I just start to feel like this season is a waste of time if we're not getting some younger players some time in the show to prove they can do it. I'm tired 2.5 years into the process still hearing that guys aren't ready. I'll continue to harp on that until it changes because we're not competing for a pennant this year.

Losing Freddie sucks and I'm bummed.


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