Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Braves Spring Training

I like doing Good, Bad, and Ugly articles because the reader response is typically higher, and most of you enjoy listing things and then arguing about the lists. So in that vein, here's the items I've deemed Good, Bad, and Ugly about Spring Training so far for the Atlanta Braves roster.

  1. Freddie Freeman is raking - In 28 ABs, Freddie is hitting .464 with an OPS of over 1.000
  2. Kurt Suzuki is your catcher - Kurt is hitting .391 in 23 ABs, and playing well enough that the Braves decided to send Anthony Recker down to AAA. It looks like the catching slot is settled for the beginning of the season.
  3. Dansby Swanson looks great - Dansby always looks great with the flowing hair, but an OPS of .940 in spring training doesn't hurt, and he's poised to be the SS of the future.
  4. Adonis Garcia is your third baseman - He's hitting well, he has the experience there, and it seems like the Braves are comfortable with him filling that position in the short term as prospects develop.
  5. Brandon Phillips is healthy - Brandon's old, but he's hitting almost .300 and he seems to have good energy with the club. That's what we need out of our new full time second baseman.
  6. Mike Foltynewicz looks ready - Folty has pitched very well in and out of trouble this spring, and it looks like he's prepared to take over a starting rotation slot, while putting to bed all questions of whether he belongs there as a regular starter.
  1. Matt Kemp has looked blah - Kemp showed up with a better weight, but his hitting in Spring Training has been very average. He's a power hitter, but hasn't really shown signs of power yet. That's fine in the short term, but we'd like him to turn it on quickly come opening day.
  2. WBC interrupted training for a few guys - Whether it's good or bad to see some "live bullets" in the WBC, I don't know. But I do know it cut down on some training ABs for guys like Ender Inciarte, so you hope that the WBC prepped them just as well.
  3. Jace Peterson had 3 errors in training - For a guy who doesn't hit amazingly well, he can't suddenly lose the ability with the glove. He's a utility player now since Brandon Phillips will likely take over at 2B full time. 
  1. Due to injuries, Bonifacio will make this team - Emilio Bonifacio in his entire career with the Braves hit .212 with a .535 OPS. He sucks. I have no idea why we can't find anyone better, but we can't so he's going to make the team.
  2. Chase D'Arnaud is terrible and should get cut - Chase was a stopgap guy in 2016, but he's hitting .111 in training and I don't see why they should waste a roster spot on him in 2017. He can go work on his music.
  3. The bullpen is still a problem - John Danks was supposed to be an option out of the pen, but he's been released after he sucked. Blaine Boyer has been awful with an ERA over 10, Jose Ramirez has an ERA over 6.00 and hasn't looked great allowing 3 homers in 8 innings, Ian Krol looks shakey, and the rest of the guys barely have enough innings to make judgements. Luckily O'Flaherty looks decent, Vizzy can still close, and Jim Johnson looks great. But remember last season's bullpen woes had these guys included. We were hoping for upgrades and I'm not seeing a ton.
  4. The rotation is old - Bartolo and Dickey may or may not pan out, but they are really old guys who we shouldn't expect better than 50/50 shot at winning each night. Folty and Teheran will lead the way as the young guns, with 30 year old Garcia getting regular starts in the middle. It's not a bad rotation, it's just an old rotation with a lot of downside if your elders don't perform.

So there you have it. I think the good outweighs the bad right now, but we have to hope for bigger and better things as the new stadium digs open.


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