Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Freddie Freeman hits 30th Home Run

Just a short update since this season is almost over, but I'd like to take a moment to recognize Freddie Freeman hitting the 30+ home run mark, a feat that hasn't been done by any Brave since Dan Uggla in 2011. So you can add that to the list of things Dan Uggla did well at least.

Freddie is on a tear in a season that doesn't matter. He could very well be the Dale Murphy of this generation of Braves. In case you don't know, Dale was a player for the Braves that won two NL MVPs in a decade when the Braves were mostly irrelevant as a team. It was a decade called the 1980s that most of you are only familiar with due to terrible music and bad costume theme parties.

This season, Freddie is hitting with a .296/.393/.558 slash line, a .951 OPS, 30 homers so far, 39 doubles, and only 78 RBIs. His bWAR is 5.5 the second highest in his career since 2013 when he finishes with 100+ RBIS and a .319 batting average. This year is the highest slugging total we've seen out of Freddie ever. It's the highest home run total we've seen out of him ever. It's the highest strikeout total we've seen out of him ever. And like I've said before it's not that strikeouts don't matter (they do), it's that strikeouts don't matter WHEN YOU HAVE MASSIVE SLUGGING NUMBERS.

Ahem, anyway. Freddie good. Season bad. Can't wait to get to the new ballpark.

Enjoy the remaining bobble-head nights and giveaways.


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