Thursday, June 30, 2016

Series Recap: Braves v Indians June 27-29, 2016

It's that time of year when I'm getting deeper into work stuff, and I have less time to write. That's fine, everyone who reads this blog knows I'm always more active in the first three months than the last three months if the Braves are not doing well, and to say they aren't doing well this season is an understatement. So going forward I'll shift back to my regular style of recapping series, preview series, and doing the occasional feature piece if something catches my interest.

The Braves got swept in 3 games in this series against the Indians, and they were honestly only in one game. The second game was close, and they gave it away in the 9th, all the others were horrible offensive disasters followed by Cleveland clubbing the team about the neck and ears. Here's some key stats from this series
  • The Braves were outscored 16-6 in the three games against the Indians
  • The Braves hitters struck out 27 times in the series
  • Braves pitchers gave up 3 homers in the series
  • Freddie Freeman went 3/12 (.250) with two extra base hits
  • Jace Peterson hit 5/11 (.456)
  • Tyler Flowers and Jace Peterson both hit homers in the series, despite the low scores
  • Outside of Freeman, Flowers, and Peterson? The Braves hit 10/58 (.172)
  • The Braves hit 2/20 with RISP (.100)
 So there's that stuff. Most of which adds up to getting your butts kicked. Even worse, John Gant had an abdominal strain so he's on the 15 day DL now. Here's the current Braves disabled list:

Mallex Smith
Gordon Beckham

Daniel Winkler
Paco Rodriguez
Williams Perez
Eric O'Flaherty
Andrew MiKirahan
John Gant
Mike Foltynewicz (supposedly coming off today)
Jesse Biddle

Just look at all those pitchers on the DL. That's 8 guys of our 40 man roster, which includes guys that are up and down from AAA. It's no wonder we have to shoehorn in starters, because we're a running medic unit out there on the field. Hopefully that improves, and these guys get better, because it's a long enough summer already without losing everybody to injury.


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