Monday, June 6, 2016

Game 2-3: Braves v Dodgers June 4-5, 2016

The Braves got swept this weekend in LA, mostly because they couldn't hit, and in the last game when they did actually hit, they couldn't pitch. The bicycle rolling down the road covered in duck tape analogy has never been more apt. If anything starts working on this team, you can bet something else will break. It's just the way of the world this year in the rebuild, and I'm mostly numb to it. Especially on the west coast where I can barely stay up to watch the games.

Clayton Kershaw went for 6 shutout innings on Saturday, which everyone and their dog knew was coming. In fact, I expected worse, but the LA bullpen helped shut the door on a combined shutout of the Braves. On Sunday, the Braves scored 6 runs, but the pitching was so awful they gave up 12 to the Dodgers and lost. That's the game that leaves me scratching my head, because Wisler is supposed to be better than that, and unfortunately in this case he gave up 8 runs. Ugh, it was awful.

What else can I tell you about this series? Markakis actually had some hits in game 3, when he managed 3 singles and went 2-2 with RISP. Maybe he's showing some signs of life? That would be nice because having him hit under. 160 for the entire month of May was ridiculous. Garcia also had 3 hits and 2 RBIs in the series, so I'm actually pleased with his hitting so far coming back off his stint in AAA. Some random guy on the team named Brandon Snyder had a homer in Game 3, so I'll have to look up who he is like most of you. Also, Chase d'Arnaud has been hitting well on the week, with a couple of doubles. Overall, I'm liking the way several of the guys are performing at the beginning of June.

Then there's Freddie Freeman who continues to be off and on. He's way off on the week with a .174 average, but he does have a homer. Tyler Flowers is hitting .133 on the week. Kelly Johnson is hitting .176, Beckham was hitting .100 before he went on the DL again, and Ender is hitting .077 on the week. JUST AWFUL. Too many people in the lineup hitting sub-Mendoza is absolute poison for this team. And it's not like we're coming back to the East coast next. Nope, we're still out there on horrible West Coast time for San Diego. They are also terrible, but it's not like that matters when the Braves are hitting like they are hitting. We need to get the bats going out west, or it's going to be an 0-6 trip.


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