Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Game 1: Braves v Padres 6/6/16

The Braves lost 7-2, and Perez left the game with some sort of forearm problem. We're 0-4 on the road trip, and I honestly don't see it getting much better until we leave the West coast. I found out today we've lost 11 straight games in San Diego. That seems impossible. San Diego is just as bad if not worse than our team over the last 4 years. Still, apparently that's the stat. Seems fitting.

So what went wrong? The Braves had 9 hits, but only plated 2 runs thanks to YE OLDE RISP hitting at 1-for-8 on the night, and Freddie Freeman went 0-4 with 3 Ks. The starting pitcher, Williams Perez, got roughed up for 6 runs in 4.1 innings before leaving with the soreness (arm not butt), and the bullpen held it together pretty well for only 1 more run in the remainder of the game. But giving up 7 runs to San Diego? Apparently we aren't the only ones, because SD has scored 7+ this season 11 times. That's a lot. By comparison the Braves have scored 7+ runs only 5 times.

Also, fun stat (FUN is subjective and actually means totally laughably awful in this particular usage of the English language, please consult a doctor before using FUN) the Braves are on pace to have 502 runs on the season. That would be almost 50 runs worse than their 1988 season, where the team only won 54 games. Let that sink in like a nice Tabasco sauce to the eyeballs.

What else? Chase d'Arnaud is a lone bright spot lately in that he doesn't suck. Chase is hitting .333 on his limited seasons with an OPS of .838, and that means we finally have an active position player over .800 in OPS on the team (Gordon Beckham is the other one but he's on the DL right now).

Let's hope we fare better tonight against the Padres. Who's pitching? Oh it's Aaron Blair. Ehhhh, you'll need to score 8 tonight fellas. Go get em!


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