Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Braves traded Kelly Johnson AGAIN for Akeel Morris

The Braves dealt Kelly Johnson back to the Mets for the second time in the last two years. It was the third time the Braves had Kelly Johnson on the roster since 2009 when they non-tendered him as a free agent. But still, it's humorous to me the Mets came back to the Braves after releasing him in the offseason, and then made another trade for him again.

In return the Braves get Akeel Morris, and you can guess what position he plays. That's right he's another pitcher. We're going to play the roulette game with pitching prospects until one of them pays off. Morris has a 3.46 ERA in AA ball, he's a starting pitcher who is a righty, and he's probably 1-2 more years away from getting a shot in the big leagues at age 23. Maybe sooner with these Braves, who know?

Akeel is out of the Virgin Islands, and he went into the minors at age 17 with the Mets organization, drafted in the 10th round. Around 6'1" almost 200 pounds, he's not too tall, not too heavy, he's just right for a pitcher build in the Braves organization. According to the scouting report he has an over the top delivery with a fastball that can get up to 95 mph, and he pairs that with a changeup that's very good around 80 mph. He's been working on some breaking stuff, but it's nothing special yet, and he probably needs to develop that third pitch fully to be a true starter at the MLB level.

All in all it seems like something for nothing to me. Kelly wasn't part of the long term plan, and we honestly won't miss him in the middle of this toxic dump going on the West Coast swing. So, good luck to Kelly now that he's headed to a contender. I wish him well without wishing the Mets any kind of success. Because I don't like the Mets.


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