Friday, May 13, 2016

Series Preview: Braves v Royals May 13-15, 2016

Hated interleague. How much I still loathe you. Mostly because I have nothing real to say about how these teams play each other because they never really play each other. And yet, we're going to have to play with a DH this weekend, another thing I hate, because it's in an AL park.

I can forgive the interleague stuff with Boston because it's an old stomping ground of the franchise. It makes sense, and that's why we do it yearly. What do I have for the Royals? They won the World Series last year, so there's that. On to the matchups!

Game 1 - Teheran v. Volquez
Game 2 - Foltynewicz v. Gee
Game 3 - Wisler v. Duffy

I'll focus on Volquez and Gee because you've seen them before when they played for the Reds and the Mets respectively. Their time on the Royals has been relatively brief. In the case of Volquez he's sporting a 3.89 ERA and a 1.42 WHIP which is plain as unsalted grits in the NL, but probably just fine in the AL. The Braves hitters have fared really well against him in the past with a .304 team average and a .881 team OPS. Specifically, I'd look for Tyler Flowers to get the start at catcher since he's 5-10 off Volquez, and I'd expect Nick and Frenchy to have good days since they've both homered off him in limited ABs.

Dillon Gee is the definition of a coin flip against the Braves usually. In the last 3 years he was 3-3 with 3 NDs and a 4+ ERA. Some days he had it, some days he didn't. He's kept Freeman in check for the most part with a sub-.800 OPS in 37 ABs, but Nick Markakis has his number going 5/9 with a double and 2 RBIs. If both of them can get going at the same time, it will be a hard day for Gee. If he can keep both of them at bay, the Braves will lose badly.

Of our three guys going, Wisler and Julio look the sharpest, and Folty is still trying to figure things out with his command. The one I'm most worried about mentally is Julio, as he's only been part of 1 Braves win when he's taken the mound. Some were his fault, most of them were due to a lack of offense. Julio's given up 5 runs in his last 4 games and the Braves are 1-3 in that stretch. That's beyond ridiculous to the level of being this year's version of Shelby Miller.

CPA Predictions:

The CPA was right that the Braves would only win one game. It just got the game wrong. So it went 1-2 on the predictions and sits 17-14 on the season. I would take 17-14 right now from the Braves and walk away happy.

Game 1 - Braves by 1
Game 2 - Royals by 2
Game 3 - Royals by 1

Same predictions as last series, it thinks the Braves win the first game and lose the rest. We'll see how it goes this weekend. I'll be in Dallas for vacation so no recaps until Monday when I'll do a full recap of the series. Until then, I'll be eating Mexican food and checking my Twitter feed.



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