Friday, May 27, 2016

Series Preview: Braves v Marlins May 27-29, 2016

I won't waste a lot of time with this preview because right now the Braves at home have won 2 games, and since this series is at home, I won't try to give you a ton of hope that they'll figure something out. However, I will give you the small hope the the ONLY team they've beaten 3-0 this year so far is the Marlins (on the road), and they come into the Ted this weekend. Maybe, just MAYBE the Braves have their number.

They'll have to hit though, and that's an issue right now. The Braves scored 16 runs in their last 6 games, which is an average of of 2.67 and is tied for dead last in the league. They horrible part about that is their team ERA is 3.32 in that stretch, so they've been pitching really well. If they could have scored 4 runs a game, they would be flying high. Alas, Freddie Freeman can't seem to find his bat with both hands, Nick Markakis can't either, Eric Aybar is still on this team, Reid Bringac just got DFA'd, and both our catchers are hitting .200 on the week. Blech. On to the matchups!

Game 1 - Perez v. Conley
Game 2 - Blair v. Chen
Game 3 - Teheran v. Koehler

Honestly, none of the Marlins pitchers in this series are good. All of them have ERA's over 4.00, all have WHIPs over 1.30, and with the exception of Chen they are all coming off some harsh starts in their last 3 games. The Braves are much better in the starting pitching department with the exception of Blair, who is winless and gave up 9 runs in his last game before being demoted. Perez went Great-Clunker-Great in his last three games, and Julio should have won every time he's pitched except he gets nothing for run support.

Honestly, there's no way the Braves should lose this series on paper if you just look at pitching. But when you look at hitting, the Marlins are averaging 4.29 runs a game this year on the road, while the Braves are averaging 2.86 runs a game at home. That's a BAD split, and it's tough to win anything anywhere when you're averaging less than 3 runs a game of support for your pitching staff. There's only two teams in the majors that have home scoring averages under 3 runs a game, and that's Philadelphia and San Diego.

CPA Predictions:

I mean should I predict any more home wins until we break the curse? Probably not, but we'll see what the numbers say. The CPA went 1-2 this last series, 21-23 on the year.

Game 1 - Miami by 2
Game 2 - Miami by 4
Game 3 - Miami by 1

Clean sweep for the Marlins. Let the misery continue unabated over your holiday. Like I said in the Brewers recap, enjoy your family this weekend and don't let baseball get in the way. It's not that kind of season this year.


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