Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Potential Future Braves Managers

I feel like I have to do this because we love to predict who will take over this trainwreck for the long term, so let's list out some of the managerial candidates for the Braves you may or may not hear about this season.
  1. Bud Black - If you haven't heard about the former Padres manager yet, you're probably hiding under  a rock or you've never heard a sports radio show in your life. Because that's the number one guy right now on people's projections list. Is that real? I have no idea, but I do know that Bud never had any real success with the Padres. Most of that is because the Padres front office was terrible. Still, do I want a manager who couldn't make it work down there, especially when our division is just as potentially stacked with competition in the future? I do not.
  2. Mark DeRosa - He's young, he's an MLB Network analyst, and he's just coming off a long career in baseball. He was drafted by the Braves and played for the team for 6 years before spending the majority of his career as a journeyman bouncing around 7 other teams. He's never been a manager, and never been a coach. Yet his name keeps coming up for some reason. I'd give him almost no chance of getting hired unless they are interested in giving somebody completely new a first shot, but one that also has ties to the team.
  3. Chipper Jones - If I have to tell you what Chipper's done, please get off this blog right now. Seriously, get out. I don't even understand how you're a Braves fan if that's the case. Anyway, you know Chipper, you know he likes to beverage in the booth, make statements that piss off the current players, and pick up people on his ATV during bad snow days. Also he was good at baseball and will be in the Hall of Fame soon. And I have zero doubts in my mind that he's too comfortable with his life to put on a uniform everyday and take over this mess.
  4. Terry Pendleton - For those of you millenials who only know Terry as a coach, he actually played for the Braves from 1991-1994, and he missed being part of the championship team in 1995. Then he bounced around until 1998 when he retired and eventually became a Braves coach. He's a top candidate for this job for a lot of reasons. He's unafraid to stir the pot, he will tell somebody exactly what he's thinking when somebody needs to be told, and he's been part of the Braves organization for over 20 years. Plus if hired he would be one of the few minority managers in the league, which is something that's coming under more scrutiny in the last decade as the league shifts demographics.
  5. Ron Gardenhire - He managed for the Twins for years, and got fired in 2014 after winning and losing over 1000 games each. He's basically a .500 guy in the managers seat after 13 years with the Twins, which is probably why they decided to move on. However, the Braves would enjoy having a guy who can take a younger squad and get them back to slightly above .500 on the season after what we've witnessed.
  6. Dave Martinez - His name has come up a good bit, mostly because of his connections to Joe Maddon as his bench coach. That's actually not a bad way to go, because the bench coaches are the hardest working guys on the coaching staff, but without the PR nonsense that goes along with being the actual manager. Dave might be a good fit for a first time manager job after working with Maddon for so long.
  7. Ron Wotus - Again, like Martinez, Wotus is the bench coach under successful manager Bruce Bochy out in San Francisco. I love the idea of hiring a bench coach as a first time gig from a successful franchise rather than sticking with the same old tired "Braves Way" that's led us to exactly 0 playoff series wins since the last one in 2001. Wotus would be another good choice in that regard. He's actually may favorite choice for the job.
  8. Bo Porter - He works with the Braves now after having major difficulties in Houston with that front office staff, but I'm not sure he's a serious candidate after his first tour as a manager went bad quickly.
  9. Eddie Perez - Lots of people would love to give Perez a shot, because he's a catcher and because he knows the Braves well, but I'm not sold that he's a better choice over a more hardline guy like Terry Pendleton, and I'm even less sold on the idea we should continue to hire from within the current staff given how it worked out for the last 6 years.
  10. Insert other crazy name here - Cal Ripkin Jr.? Alex Cora? Ozzie Guillen? Manny Acta? David Ross? You'll hear tons and tons of names as we get closer to the end of the season, and the offseason. The Braves will look for a new manager and it will probably not be a give name with a big spash. If anything, I think they hire from within, or they pick a bench coach from another club they like. I don't think they will go with the manager retread, but I could be wrong

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