Friday, May 13, 2016

Game 3: Braves v Phillies 5/12/16

Well the Braves tied the game late, but then extra innings kicked in and the Braves went through the already thin ice they were skating on. You want to know a pretty horrifying stat? No? Well too bad, because if you're not into terrible stats you're watching the Braves in the wrong season this year. The Braves are 0-5 in extra innings games at home. They are 2-0 in extra innings games on the road. Go figure.

The problem in this game was the pitching. Aaron Blair had a rough outing, giving up 4 runs in 3.2 innings, but only 3 were earned. Then the bullpen gave up 4 more runs eventually, including extras. So that's that. It really doesn't matter how much the Braves hit when the pitching staff gives up 7, because the Braves have scored 8 runs exactly once this season in 33 games. So, very unlikely.

Gordon Beckham was the big winner of the night with his bases cleared 3 RBI double, and then coming home to tie the game on a Frenchy base knock. He's been much better coming off his DL stint, and he's completely turned around the defensive woes that really had me wondering if he would be on this team in May. I'll fully admit I was wrong about him now, he's been one of the better bench/vets we have on the team along with Kelly Johnson.

But 4 runs wasn't enough, and that's a shame. This team almost had it's second winning streak ever. Too bad, so sad, on to the next series. And what a series of games it will be. The Braves head on a 10 game road trip starting with KC, going to 4 in Pittsburgh, and ending with Philly again. Hopefully they can keep their heads above water for at least 4 of those games.


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