Thursday, May 5, 2016

Game 3: Braves v Mets 5/4/2016

May the 4th be with you, because it wasn't with the Braves yesterday. I've made a deal with myself for this season. When the Braves lose by more than 6 runs in a complete whitewash, I'm going to do 2 paragraphs and not rant about it too much. Because we know what we are now. We're a bad team trying to rebuild with a bunch of young talent. I don't really care whose fault it is anymore, I simply want to see the young guys get a shot, and we'll take our lumps along the way.

Chacin gave up 4 homers and 8 runs in the span of 4.2 innings. The bullpen admirably held up for 4.1 innings with no runs, but the damage was done. The Braves only had 3 hits in the game total. No runs. Nick Markakis had to miss the game with a family emergency. Also, the Atlanta Hawks got blown to pieces in a record setting loss to the Cavs, so it was a pretty dark day for Atlanta sports. I'm going to get back to my normal job and pretend that day didn't happen. In the meantime, hug your loved ones, and apologize to your children for letting them be born in this city.

Braves lose 8-0


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