Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Game 2: Braves v Pirates 5/17/16

I have good news, and I have bad news. The good news is that the Braves scored their highest run total in a game all season with 9 runs against the Pirates? Great right? We've been waiting so long for a big offensive outburst and we finally got one on Tuesday night. Everyone happy with that? Good, you should be because that's an important thing to remember before I get to the bad news.

The bad news is the Braves gave up 12 runs and lost. Aaron Blair gave up 9 runs in 1.1 innings. That's an unmitigated disaster for a young guy who is trying to feel out his place in the show. A lot of people will now panic about what's happening with young Mr. Blair. That would be stupid and let me tell you why.

Do you remember what happened to Hall of Famer Tom Glavine in his first season with the Braves? It was a shortened season in 1987 where he got 9 starts, and had an ERA of 5.54. Tom gave up 6+ runs in 3 of those games while he was learning the ropes. In May of 1988 he got knocked out twice in a row in the 2nd inning, giving up 5 runs a piece. He gave up 9 runs to the Pirates on May 20, 1988 along with 6 walks. He was all over the place and looked terrible. And I bet fans now would have given up on him, a future hall of famer, because he had an ERA of 7.90 in May.

Aaron Blair is likely not as good as Tom Glavine, but who knows? Maybe he is a potential Hall of Famer in the making? What I do know is that Aaron Blair has pitched in 5 starts in his career, and he's looked good in 1-2 of them. Then really bad in the last 2 starts. But that's why we're featuring him in a down year with nothing to play for, similar to how Tom was brought along in the lost seasons of 1987-88.

Here's what kills me about that game the most, besides the fact that the Braves lost with 9 runs. The Braves had 3 more errors in that mess. And of course AJ had one of them. Oh, and AJ went 0-3 with RISP. Oh, and AJ grounded into a double play. I'm done with him and Aybar, they are sucking chest wounds on this team. Every game I see them play, and God forbid they start in the same game, I can feel the obsessive rage building inside my like I'm the Hulk getting ready to crush a car.

The only positive I can take away from this Pirates series so far is that we've scored 14 runs, and lost 2 games. That won't last. If we continue to produce offensively, the pitching will eventually give us room to win a few of those games. And I can't wait until it all starts coming together.

#StoptheAybar #StoptheAJ


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