Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Game 2: Braves v Mets 5/3/16

Matt Wisler just did something that hasn't been done in almost a decade. Last night, Wisler pitched 8 innings, 0 earned runs, and gave up just one hit. The last time somebody on the road pitched 8+ innings of 1 hit baseball? That was lefty Chuck James on September 4th, 2006. Guess who it was against? The Mets oddly enough. Time is a wheel.

How good was Wisler? I just told you, he was so good he did something nobody on this team has done in a decade. That's a big deal for a pitching staff that's still trying to find some sort of identity. But with Wisler, Blair, Teheran, and possibly Foltynewicz coming together as some sort of rotation this year, we're really only 1-2 guys away from seeing what the Braves might look like when they open the doors on the 2017 Cobb County project.

Also, Mallex Smith had his first homer! Yes, it was a scratch it over the line barely gone 345 foot shot just inside the left field pole that also didn't actually leave the field. Yes, it took a review to prove it wasn't a triple and actually a homer. BUT IT WAS A HOMER! Strike up the band people we have...counts on fingers...SIX homers now. We're on to the second hand! Light up the beacons of celebration from Jesup to Kennessaw!

I don't want to spoil a win like this with heavy handed analysis. Because in reality it's one win during a season of 162. But with wins so hard to come by, and good starting pitching even rarer, it's nice to see that somebody on the team turned back to the clock to the Braves days of yore. When we were winning division titles and winning games 3-0 with dominating starters manning the hill. When our hitters could hit balls over the fence to win games. When our defense looked like it could track down anything in the outfield.

We're not far away from that coming around again. The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Ok that's actually Lord of the Rings, but it applies here. There's hope in Braves Country again, even with a terrible record. There's a feeling after last night that things might, in fact, be okay soon.

Braves win 3-0, rubber game tonight.


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