Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Game 1: Braves v Pirates 5/16/16

Well, I gave out a stat yesterday that the Braves had gone 7-0 in games where they scored 5+ runs, and I said that was my key to victory. I said this on Twitter of course, and I got hammered this morning since they scored 5 runs against Pittsburgh yesterday and lost. What I didn't expect was Williams Perez to give up 6 runs in his outing, and he was awful. Back to the scrapheap Perez!

Perez was awful, Ogando was awful. The pitching in general was awful. The hitting for once was actually pretty good. Everybody got a hit except Aybar and Perez. Why are we still playing Aybar? WHY? STOP THE MADNESS NOW!

The real killer in this game was the 2-12 with RISP, which was bailed out a little by the fact the Braves had two homers in one game, which might be a sign of the apocalypse. This team has little to no power, but suddenly when the power showed up for a game, the pitching gave up 8 runs. It's like that old 1993 Toyota Camry you're holding the bumper on with duck tape, and when the radio is on the AC goes out. One thing succeeds, something else breaks. That's this year's Braves.

Congrats to Frenchy and Kelly Johnson on the homers. That's a cool thing for both of those guys, and they are already cementing themselves as a few of the veterans that may get to stick around in this year's rebuild. Maybe. I'm not sure how it goes long term, but I think there's a bench spot there for both guys and their ability to platoon at several positions.

I'm pretty sure we're not going to see Perez for much longer, either. Tyrell Jenkins is almost ready, and he'll get the call up very soon. I won't be shocked if Perez gets sent down after this week since his fluke performance in the game before this one was obviously, well, a fluke.

Braves lose 8-5.


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