Friday, April 22, 2016

Game 3 Recap: Braves v Dodgers 4/21/16

Matt Wisler pitched his butt off and deserved a win last night, but frying pan hands Adonis Garcia committed one of the more horrific errors at third base that let a runner get to first, and that runner eventually scored to make it 1-0 Dodgers. The Braves tied the game, and the bullpen did a great job of pitching, but without that error, the Braves win 1-0 against Clayton Freaking Kershaw.

I'm done with Garcia in the field. Fredi Gonzalez actually came out today and said, "He's not a third baseman, his position is hitter." ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS? We don't have a DH in the NL, guys. You can't have a guy play hitter. He has to field something, and you know where I wouldn't try to hide a guy? THE HOT CORNER. But no, Adonis Garcia now leads the league in errors with six, and there are guys in the league who won't commit six errors in a year. He's played 14 games. Unreal.

Gordon Beckham can play 3B, he did it last year, and he won't embarrass the team while doing it. That's a better option than Garcia because his hitting isn't exactly lighting up the scoreboard. It's one thing if he's hitting bombs, but he's not, and the Braves only have 3 homers on the year. From what I understand it's the lowest home run total for a Braves team since the 1930s at this point. Lord help us give the balls wings, because they ain't flying out of the ballpark any other way.

Man, I feel bad for Wisler. So bad. He's doing a great job and actually outpitched a Cy Young winner for one day, and it didn't matter because of hitting and defense. 6.2 innings with no earned runs? The kid is coming of age in front of us, and you have to really like that as a fan. Now support him. Please Braves.

Also, Daniel Castro is pressing to be part of the everyday lineup. Not only is he actually hitting, but he's fielding the ball better than either Aybar or Jace Peterson. I'd put him in there over either of those two guys on a daily basis, but Fredi has been confusing with his lineup decisions this year so far. Frankly, if I never saw Jace Peterson again on this team, I'd shed zero tears. He's a career .227 hitter. Jace isn't good. We need to accept that and move on with our younger guys. Can Jace be a utility guy in the interim? Sure, but the second someone decent comes along he's getting cut.

The Braves should have won that series. Maybe they can take some of that into the series with the Mets, but Freddie Freeman's bat needs to wake up fast if we hope to have a chance.

Braves lose 2-1 in extras, lose the series.


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