Friday, April 8, 2016

Braves & Cardinals Series Preview 4/8/16 thru 4/10/16

The Series Preview is back! That means we look at pitching matchups and make some predictions! Who doesn't love that? Old stick in the mud people, that's who. So let's take a look at the two teams facing off on the diamond this weekend.

The Braves: 0-2 after dropping two leads late to the Nationals.
The Cardinals: 0-3 after getting swept by the...Pirates? What? Ok then.


Pitching Matchups:

Game 1 - Garcia v. Wisler
Game 2 - Martinez v. Teheran
Game 3 - Wainwright v. Perez

The good news for the Braves in these matchups is that we get the back end of the Cardinals rotation for the most part. Sunday against Wainwright will probably get ugly, but Garcia and Martinez are very hittable. Also, I like the matchups of Wisler and Teheran against them, mostly because I think Wisler had a great spring and Teheran already has one good outing under his belt. Perez will likely get shelled in the rubber game just to prove a point, and I'm hoping the Braves can get at least a run off Wainwright to avoid the shutout.

Except for the middle game, the Cardinals aren't exactly hitting well. They scored just one run in two of their losses, and then lost in 11 innings with 5 runs in the middle game. If the Braves pitching can continue what they did against the Nationals, I don't think this Cardinals teams will slug them into oblivion. That is assuming, of course, that we don't boot the ball around the infield like a bunch of sugar-addled third graders. Fingers crossed.

CPA Predictions:

It's back and it's just as silly as ever. I throw a bunch of numbers in a spreadsheet and it spits out horrible betting predictions. If you enjoy losing money, here's a great way to set it on fire!

Game 1 - Braves by 1
Game 2 - Braves by 2
Game 3 - Cardinals by 3

There you have it, the CPA thinks the Braves win the series. Given the lack of data, I'm not sure it has any more idea than a coin flip, but I like its optimism.


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