Monday, February 22, 2016

How I cover Spring Training

Let's get the obvious out of the way. I've said it for every year since I started this blog: SPRING TRAINING RECORDS DON'T MATTER. Repeat it again after me. SPRING TRAINING RECORDS DON'T MATTER.

There. Feel better? Good, because I don't care who wins or loses these meaningless games. What I do care about is guys getting their work in, and guys on the bubble of making the team getting a chance to see some decent pitching.

Right now I plan on doing a weekly wrapup of Spring Training every Monday, along with players to keep an eye on and a few stats I was impressed by. That's about it. Mostly spring training is about the eye test on pitchers hitting zones, not walking a ton of guys, getting some decent innings of work in, and occasionally guys working on their swings. But really most hitting stats for veterans in spring training are useless. I only care about the young guys trying to prove themselves.

So in about a week we're going to have the first Spring Training games begin. And the madness will start all over again about who makes the Braves roster in this year. And I'll start getting ready to make my bold predictions for 2016, which inevitably make me look silly.

Good times man, good times.


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