Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Coppolella Needs to Man up or Shut up

As I mentioned before in my article about trading Freddie Freeman, and why it was stupid, the Braves came out today and said specifically that they aren't trading Freddie Freeman. Here's the piece by USA Today:

To quote that piece, here's John Coppolella:
I cannot make it any more clear: We are not trading Freddie Freeman. We are not. I'd give my right arm before we trade Freddie Freeman. It is not happening.
I'm not sure how he could be more clear, but also in that same piece he tells fans that he's not running for office.
I know it’s hard for our fans, but I’m not running for office. We are doing what I believe is what’s best in for the long-term interest of the Braves. I’ll trust our scouts and analytics. I’m getting so tired of this. If guys want to take shots, or (degrade) us, fine. But let’s let it play out for a few years before we start branding our pitchforks and torches. I feel in my heart this is the best for the Braves.

The quotes are from a frustrated man who is getting tired of the fans and media questioning his methods. They are also the quotes of a younger GM who is not really prepared to deal with the backlash that comes with making tough decisions.

Newsflash to Coppy, you're in one of the most high-profile positions in the South. You are the GM of the one team that seems to unite states that typically hate each other over football, but rally together en masse under your banner. And you expect the trades where you dump salary and well-known well-loved players to be what? Met with applause? A hearty slap on the back and a high-five? Get real. You made the tough calls, and you get the credit if you're right. But you also get to own the decisions when you screw up, and in many cases that's what got your predecessor Frank Wren fired. You're supposed to be the mature individual in the organization, not the whiny child wondering why people are being so mean to you.

In short, man up. Own your decisions and stop worrying about what the media asks or the fans say. If you think it's the best for the organization, you patiently say that for months and months until people are so sick of the rote answers they stop asking. You DON'T feed them petulant crap lines about being tired of people taking shots or that you're not a politician. Be the leader that past GMs have been. Stand there, answer the questions, and cut the crap.


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