Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Braves Offseason Schedule

Several people have already asked me what the offseason will look like for the Braves, so I figured I'd make a short post for people to let them know what the calendar looks like.

November 6th is the qualifying offer deadline for free agents, but the Braves don't have anyone that qualifies this season for that number. Instead, the Braves free agents will be AJ Pierzynski, Peter Moylan, Ross Detwiler, and Edwin Jackson. I expect they will make an offer to AJ, and maybe Moylan. I'm not sure on Jackson or Detwiler.

On November 7th, Free agents can sign with any team as the negotiation period is over.

November 9th starts the 3 days GM meetings where talks get going on players. You'll see some media reports come out about thoughts on moves but very little actual action.

November 20th, you'll see the teams set their 40 man rosters for the Rule 5 draft. The Rule 5 draft is a way during the winter meetings for other teams to go after prospects that have been stockpiled in another organizations minor league system. The downside to doing this is that you have to play the drafted guy on your 25 man MLB roster for the entire season, and you can't option or demote him. So, it's a gamble if you want to make a minor league move. However, guys like Jose Bautista and Jason Grilli were both Rule 5 picks. So it does have some upside.

More on the rule 5 draft here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_5_draft

December 7-10 is Winter Meetings. That's where you will start seeing the big moves if any. Many trades and signings will happen during this period of time, so that's when you want to be updating your Twitter feed if you care. I expect the Braves to be VERY active this year as they shore up their new roster and their expanded payroll.

January 15th, players and teams file arbitration figures. Braves only have one big arbitration player, and that's Shelby Miller, who will likely beat the hell out of the Braves no matter what he asks. So I expect the Braves to make an offer rather than go that route, and see if they can't work out a longer term deal. They also have Mike Minor who won at arbitration last season, but I'm unsure if they will even give Mike an offer to play next season and keep him on the team given his injuries. If they do, he'll have to go to arbitration again.

February is arbitration hearings.

And I'll keep you updated as we go along with analysis and payroll figures once we're past winter meetings. Enjoy the holidays!

If you want all the dates and details you can find them here: http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/eye-on-baseball/25361512/-16-mlb-offseason-free-agency-winter-meetings-and-other-important-dates


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