Monday, November 30, 2015

Braves need to decide on Mike Minor

The deadline for tendering contract offers to arbitration eligible players is approaching on December 2nd, and that means the Braves are in a bit of a pickle with pitcher Mike Minor. The AJC recently featured an article here on the subject:

My take is very simple, I wouldn't tender an offer to him. Under no circumstances am I making any offers to a guy who can't even throw off  a mound before his THIRD arbitration hearing, when I've had numerous chances to offer him a real contract before. The Braves obviously don't trust him. He's been hurt over and over, and he's only had one great season when you look at 2013. The rest of the time? He's a replacable player on average.

So with that in mind, and I've never been shy about my disdain for pundits who kept telling me Mike was some great piece in the Braves arsenal, I'd get rid of him. Finally. Cut the cord and end this so we can start anew with the multitude of pitchers we have in the minor leagues. I don't need to pay Mike Minor close to $5M to MAYBE pitch. What I need is a guy who is actually healthy now and we know will eat some innings in this throwaway season of 2016, with the hopes of a possible upside. Minor's not that guy.

We're also getting close to winter meetings, so stay tuned! It should be an interesting offseason as we head into December.


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