Thursday, August 27, 2015

This was an actual Braves inning this week

It's not often that the Braves pull something that drops my jaw in a horrifying way. This week they did just that. Here's what happened in the 7th inning against the Rockies on Tuesday.

Simmons walked.
Bourn walked. Simmons went to second.
Ciriaco grounded into a double play, but went to first.
Markakis walked, Ciriaco went to second.
A wild pitch moves the runners to second and third.
Nick Swish walks to load the bases.
The Rockies change pitchers to face Freddie Freeman.
Freeman strikes out to end the inning.

Now, that may not sound like much, but think about this. The Braves had 4 walks and a wild pitch, and managed to score ZERO runs. With two runners on and no outs, thinking of all the possible permutations of the way that could actually happen, the double play through third is the only way it could happen. You had to have a double play, and you had to have it happen when there wasn't a runner on third. A normal double play going to second and first while the runner advanced to third? Nope, doesn't work because he scores on the wild pitch. If you just go out by out, the runners eventually advances home on the four walks, regardless of the wild pitch.

No, it had to happen that way. Having a double play that went through third base was it. Otherwise, a runner scores SOMEHOW. But no, not with this team. They find ways to achieve the seemingly improbable and make it possible. Because that's the "Braves Way" in 2015. That and we've won one game in the last 10. Yep we're 1-9 right now. The odds that this team wins even 70 games are really tanking fast.

So in the hopes we pull this thing together at home, we have the Yankees this weekend. If nothing else I want to ruin those Yankee's weekend.


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