Monday, August 31, 2015

The White Flag is Waving

Braves fans, constant readers, I want to thank you for sticking with the blog and this team for this long. It's been a fun ride until after the All-Star break. Then it's just been a slow-boat to Hell populated by demons poking you in the butt. I talked to my friend about what's been happening and he informed me that through no fault of my own, the blog has taken a turn towards being just tough to read. I can't blame him for feeling that way either.

This Braves team is now completely unwatchable. This is the worst baseball team I've ever witnessed up close, and I followed the Braves in the 80s. This team lost a series against the Yankees this last weekend, and they lost it combined 38-11. That 38 runs is the most ever given up in a 3-game series since the Braves have moved to Atlanta. There's literally nothing more I can say about it than in the last 50 years, we've never witnessed anything this horrible.

So with that in mind I'm transitioning entirely to football. I'm creating a new blog for SEC football soon that I think you will like, and I'll be sure to pimp that out to all my fans. But as far as the Braves go, I'm not willing to put up with any more of this. It's one thing to rebuild, it's another thing entirely to sell the entire fanbase down the river with unwatchable crap that sets records from the 1960s.

What makes matters worse, the Ted looks like they are getting ready to abandon it. The food service was terrible this year at games, the facilities look like they aren't getting any more maintenance, and in general it felt more run-down than it had in the past. I used to like to go to Turner Field for the game-day experience. Now I feel like I'm being nickel and dimed to death over extra jalapenos on my nachos. No joke, they wanted to charge me $2 on a $7 nacho for extra jalapenos. The staff looks lazily around and barely even seems to give a damn about taking my order. This isn't the Braves way, and this isn't in some small section of the upper deck. This is behind home plate 101.

I hope we can forget about this season quickly and that we're not just setting ourselves up for more pain in 2016. I hope they can find some bullpen help and get this young pitching staff coached up. I hope we get a manager who speaks in more than just platitudes and can manage a bullpen when we move to the new stadium. I have a lot of hopes. But until those hopes come true, I'm not going to be bludgeoned with terrible baseball and players that look like they've quit.

We didn't give up on this Braves team, they gave up on us. That's the most disappointing part.

I'll do a full season wrap-up after the last game, and go over how my early season predictions went. Until then?

GO (2017) BRAVES!

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  1. Not sure how you get to the game and not sure if this is normal, but I attended the 29-AUG game against the NYY. I came in from out of town down I 75 south (As I understand it like many of the Braves fans do), got off at the Fulton street exit where in the past all I have had to do is make a left go over the bridge make a right and enter the Blue lot.

    That day the APD had the street blocked off and waved us down some side street. No one could give directions how to get to the lots and took almost two hours to stumble across a way to the lot.

    Keep making it hard to get to the game. Make it frustrating to get to the game then wonder why no one goes.

    Thanks for letting me vent