Tuesday, August 4, 2015

If you like the blog, just remember...

Quick reminder since I've seen lots of views lately, but very few people taking a second to do click-thrus. If you like the blog and you like the content, I don't ask for much, but I do ask that once a week or so you take a second and visit/click one of the ads you on the site. A simple click once a week takes almost no time, but it does help fund the site and eventually get to the point where I can do some fun stuff. What kind of fun stuff?

  1. Eventually, a podcast. That requires software and equipment and an audience. Your clicks will help that become a reality
  2. A custom logo for the site. I do know a few local artists I could pay to create a cool logo to display on Braves by the Numbers, and eventually...
  3. Some swag gear like T-shirts. Giveaways, trivia, and other things could net you your very own Braves by the Numbers memorabilia! Think of how stylish you'll look!
But this all happens with your help as readers, so remember to take a second and check out the sponsors. It can mean all the difference in supporting an endeavor that basically pays me nothing, but I'd like to defray the costs. If you're one of my email subscribers, just take a second to visit the site and do a quick click. I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again guys and gals!


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