Monday, July 6, 2015

Phillies recap, Brewers in town to steal our beers

Hey constant readers, I'm running a bit behind on the blog today since I was getting my AC looked at. Fingers crossed that it works this time and I stop sweating. Anyway, we won the series with the Phillies, but we dropped the final game because the Braves offense apparently hates Shelby Miller.

Seriously, they must hate him because they haven't scored for him at all. When is Shelby's last win you might ask? Back in May against the Marlins when he had the almost no-hitter. That was over 45 days ago. That's also insane, because he's pitching at a ridiculous ERA level right now, and he's probably going to be the only All-Star nod for the Braves this season.

But alas, the Braves lost the game in the 10th, even though they had a shot to get a sac-fly to win the game in the bottom of the 9th, and failed. Good news though? Home Julio was as good as expected when he held the Phillies to one run, and Juan Uribe blasted a game-winning homer to take game one by a score of 2-1. The second game was an absolute butt-kicking that rivaled the USA v. Japan Women's world cup match in terms of early scoring. The Braves jumped all over the Phillies for 5 runs in the first two innings, and they went on to win 9-5 even though Alex Wood didn't pitch a great game. How much would Shelby love Alex's runs?

Two things I liked and One I hated:

  1. Braves won the series
  2. Juan Uribe is hitting the ball like crazy, and Jonny Gomes is hitting homers
  3. It sucked that we didn't sweep when Shelby pitched a shutout
MVP of the series? Cameron Maybin went 7-13 with a homer, 2 doubles, 3 runs scored, and 2 RBIs. He's mildly good this season. Mildly. OK he's the hottest thing we have at the plate and we're likely going to try to package him with Chris Johnson so we can unload that albatross of a contract. Don't cry to me when it happens because I told you so beforehand.


Game 1 - Wisler v. Lohse
Game 2 - Banuelos v. Garza
Game 3 - Teheran v. Fiers

The Brewers have won 8 games in a row, and suddenly gone blisteringly hot after having the worst record in baseball. And yet they are STILL 12 games under .500 because they sucked for so long. The Braves have won 5 of their last 7 games, and they are trying to keep momentum rolling until Freddie Freeman comes off the DL. I'll tell you right now though, I'll be shocked if Freddie is 100% ready after the All-Star break. I don't like anything I'm hearing about that injury. He may be playing with some pain for a while.

The first two games give you more of the same young gun approach the Braves are used to with the newbie starters. Hopefully Wisler can continue to roll along with his bend but don't break approach, but he was smoked in his only road game of the season against the Nats. Banuelos has all of one game under his belt, so I have no idea how the heck he will perform on the road. However, I know exactly how Julio will peform on the road, and he's a flaming bacon-grease fire that even baking soda couldn't quench. That's how you put out grease fires for those at home. Don't use water. Just google it, trust me.

For the Brewers, Lohse may have won his last two games, but that's only because the Brewers scored a combined 19 runs for him. His ERA is 6.25 and he's just aching to give up at least 4 runs a start to the opponent if you let him. He'll give up dingers if you let him. The key is to be patient and just pick the pitch that's dead red center, because he can't help himself. He'll throw it eventually. Garza is even worse in that he'll give up 4 runs a start minimum AND he'll walk the ballpark to go with it. Keep patient with him, and he's even more baserunner prone than Lohse. Then there's Fiers. He can pitch, and he's been hot lately. His ERA is 3.83 with a 1.41 WHIP that seems high, but he has excellent strikeout stuff to get him out of jams. The last time he gave up more than 2 runs was June 17th against the Royals. Since then, he's had 3 wins in a row and given up no more than 4 hits a game. With road Julio facing him? That game sets up as a disaster.

CPA Predictions:

CPA went 1-2 because the Phillies won the wrong game. Those jerks. CPA is now 29-42. I don't think it's going to make the playoffs this year. It's probably a seller at the All-Star Break.

Game 1 - Braves by 2
Game 2 - Braves by 3
Game 3 - Brewers by 5

Braves get the series win, but the final game comes off the rails, and I have to listen to more of why Julio is terrible on the road. We know that already, tell me WHY! Nobody knows why. Just celebrate the fact that the Braves can win this series and tick another one off the calendar towards Freeman's return.


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