Monday, June 22, 2015

Sweep the Mets and Back from Vacation

I went to Kiawah Island over the weekend, so I didn't get to do a proper preview of the Mets series. That's a shame because we swept them. And I would have loved to predict a sweep and actually have it come true. Like this guy:

Oh wait, he writes for the Mets on ESPN, so he probably meant that THEY would sweep. Hahaha, Adam Rubin you kidder. Take a bite of the Big Apple. Don't mind the maggots.

Game 1: Matt Wisler made his MLB debut with 8 IP good innings allowing 1 run on 6 Mets hits. The Braves did not fare well against Jason DeGrom until Jace Peterson drove in 2 RBI’s on a line drive double to center field scoring Andrelton Simmons and Pedro Ciriaco. Overall, it was the pitching by newbie Wisler that really made the difference. For a kid to come out there in his first game of the year and really put the, at the time, first place Mets in their place? See what I did there? Wordsmithing, kids. Braves won 2-1.

Game 2: Williams Perez got his 4th win of the season while Andrelton Simmons had himself a night going 4-4, and AJ Pierzynski also went 3-4 with his first triple of the season. That's right, AJ Pierzynski scored a triple. I'm not even sure how it happened since I didn't see it live, but I imagine the Mets defenders had to fall down in the outfield, and then tackle each other in some sort of rugby scrum like kittens fighting in a sock. And even then he only barely made it with enough oxygen that would get a man to Everest. Williams Perez wasn't dominant and immediately gave up 2 runs to start the game, but the Braves bounced back with 4 runs of their own in the early innings. However, the Mets tied the game at 4-4 on a pair of homers in the 5th and 6th innings. But the Braves wasted no time by rallying back in the 6th with a Ciriaco sac-fly, and a Cameron Maybin sac-grounder. Was it a pretty tie-breaker? If you're into small-ball it was flat gorgeous. Braves won 6-4.

Game 3: Julio Teheran really confuses me this year. I made it back in time to see this one live at my home, and I can honestly say that Julio inside the confines of Turner Field looks like a world-beater. On the road he looks like Trevor Cahill. I have no idea why his home and road splits are so ridiculous, but I can tell you that Julio must love home-cooking, his bed, and hate hotels. Teheran pitched 7 innings of 1-hit shutout baseball, and he had everything working. It was brilliant to watch. It would have been more brilliant if the Braves had scored in the early innings to give him a lead. Alas, nobody could get anything done against the equally brilliant Matt Harvey of the Mets. That was until the 7th inning, when Ryan Lavarnway (backup catchup to the stars) decided to double with 2 outs. Julio's spot was up next, and even with only 78 pitches, Fredi Gonzalez decided to gamble. He took out Julio for Pedro Ciriaco, and Pedro ended up getting the base hit that won the game. It was a great move by a manager who doesn't get a lot of credit, and the bullpen was able to hang on with Jim Johnson getting the save. Braves won 1-0.

Three Things I Loved:

  1. We swept the Mets - What's not to love about that? Meet the Mets, beat the Mets, step right up and sweep the Mets! Bring the kiddies, bring the wife. Guaranteed to get the broom of your life!
  2. Matt Wisler was awesome - We need somebody on this staff to step up in the small rotation roles, and it was good to see Wisler fill that gap like Williams Perez has been doing. I hope it continues.
  3. The bullpen was great - Great? You serious? Yes, I'm serious. The bullpen pitched 6 innings in this series and allowed ZERO runs. That's huge. It's huge because they were better, and it's huge because the starters were going deeper into games.
Which leads me to this series MVP. Could it be any other than Julio Teheran? Of course not. He's been battling a lot of things, but his win was masterful in a way that only Braves pitching can really be. When's the last time this team won 1-0? Answer, this was the first time all season. And that's great for him and great for the team.

Next up, the hated first place Nationals. But the good news? We just took down one first place team this series. Why not another?


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