Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What to Expect from Braves by the Numbers in 2015

Showering myself with that Big Blog $$$

So now that I'm back writing on this site, perhaps you're wondering a few things. Why did he come back to the old site? What is he going to do this year? Has he completely lost his marbles? Why in the world is he drawing stick figures like he's in second grade art class?

Good questions, and I appreciate you for fictionally asking them. I enjoy the fictional questions the best. Anyway, I'll let you decide if I've gone completely insane by the end of the season. I have a feeling that if things go south, we'll all want to be committed by September. However, if things go well, we can all point and laugh at all those nasty national analysts like Buster Olney who said we'd finish second to dead last.

First, I came back here to make gobs of money. Nothing brings in the dough like running your own small blog on a corner of the internet. I'm rubbing myself with nickels right now as I write this. Aren't you jealous? (April Fool's)

In all seriousness, these things obviously make next to nothing in terms of real money, but you can help me support my habit by simply clicking one of the ad links once in a while. Every week would be great! Visiting sponsors costs you nothing, and helps me continue to do cool things like buy the supplies for a possible podcast. Or take an art class. We're all winners then!

Why did I come back? Because I'm a blogger. I want to be a blogger. I want to be crazy and irrational and irreverent. I don't take myself to seriously. Many of the people that write about sports want to do it as a real job, and that's cool. They take themselves VERY seriously. If that's the kind of place you want to read about your team, I say fantastic. There should be outlets for that, and you're in luck since there are tons of them. However, there aren't tons of places where you can learn something, laugh, banter, and not feel beaten over the head or made to feel stupid for being a fan.

I'm a fan. You're a fan. Chances are weren't going to be right about some things and wrong about others. To pretend otherwise is silly. My job here is to make bold predictions and make you think if I can. Your job is to leave comments and say you like what I'm doing (that would be great), or to call me a blowhard and an idiot (also fine because you are reading!) Or just click the ads for those sweet sweet nickels.

The MS Paint stuff this year will be on some feature articles and if I'm feeling frisky on a recap or something. Why? Because I think it's funny and I don't take myself too seriously as referenced above. I've leaned over time that if I think something is funny, generally others will too. Where else are you going to get Freddie Freeman being attacked by a dragon? Just here, that's where. Take that ESPN!

I'm going to continue to do recaps, most likely on a series basis rather than a game-by-game basis. Why? Because honestly 162 recaps is exhausting and there are only so many times I can point out that BJ Upton sucks in one month. Call it the BJ effect. Actually don't call it that, that sounds incredibly dirty and/or way more fun. Call it the Uggla effect. That's suitably depressing.

I'm going to continue doing series previews as I can, mostly so I can continue to do the CPA (Current Prediction Algorithm) which will predict the scores of games. I like doing it and it turned out pretty well in 2013. I'd like to see how it fares this year with some tweaks. Maybe we'll make some money on side bets? Who knows?

I'll continue to do features because everyone loves good-hearted analysis with lots of references to abbreviations. OPS, OBP, SLG, IRS, LUV! That's sexy talk right there. Just wrap yourself in a warm blanket of numbers and debates about why sabermetrics people are gigantic nerds while I'm only a huge nerd.

Lastly, I'm kicking around the idea of a podcast. I've never done one, and I'm slowly learning how they work, so with some encouragement and a little funding from the blog I'm going to try and make that happen this summer. If that gets off the ground, you'll hear me in addition to watching me write. That's a Braves by the Numbers double play! Twice the Ben for the same low price of...nothing!

There's also a chance I'll make up T-shirts for Braves by the Numbers as giveaway items, or to sell for people that want to support the blog. That's a long term plan if the reader-base gets big. Who doesn't love a good T-shirt giveaway in a podcast? Again, ad-clicking supports those kinds of endeavors. As it does with most blogs. That's a little insider knowledge to you from me.

So that's the plan, I hope you're on board for a fun season. Win or Lose I'll be here to make fun of Fredi Gonzalez tipping his cap and pitching a lefty to the guy who has 150 homers off lefties in his career. With a manager like this, the material writes itself.

If you like to laugh, keep reading as we go along and hopefully learn something. If you hate fun, grab an abacus and go hang out with the Saber-boys.


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