Friday, April 24, 2015

Braves try to rebound against the Phillies

The Braves just got swept by the Mets. The Phillies just lost two games to the Marlins combined 15-2. These two titans of the diamond will meet this weekend in Philadelphia to decide the eternal question: Who is playing crappier?!!?

Game 1: Wood v. Harang
Game 2: Miller v. Buchanan
Game 3: Cahill v. Williams

Game one is a doozy because it pits our old flamethrower (sarcasm) Aaron Harang against our young gun Alex Wood. I miss Harang. I miss him even more when the back end of the rotation looks like the back end of a baboon. And I'll take the Harangutan over a baboon any day. Keep an eye on two guys for the Braves in this game: Eric Young Jr, Alberto Callaspo, and Chris Johnson. I would assume all three get the start, because they have all raked Harang in the past to the tune of 1.000+ OPS. On the flip side, I just need Alex Wood to make it through a game without giving up a hit or more an inning. He's been getting clubbed in the last two games, and we've lost both as a result.

Game two looks like a classic battle of HOT vs. NOT. Shelby Miller is red hot with a 1.69 ERA, a 2-0 record, and a WHIP of 1.19. David Buchanan for the Phillies is cold as ice with a 9.22 ERA, an 0-3 record, and an astounding WHIP of 2.27. That's all the analysis you should need. Go win this game. No excuses.

Game three features a rebounding Trevor Cahill versus a medicore Jerome Williams. This could go very very badly for Cahill if he's not settled down from this first two bad starts. Although they have limited ABs against Trevor, the Phillies are hitting him at a .300 clip. Considering that Cahill's mental state may be fragile, if he can get through the first two innings with no damage, this game could unravel fast. Meanwhile, the Braves have hit Williams at a .315 average with Nick Markakis being the obvious standout at .462. This game will be about which starter blinks first. And hoping the Braves bullpen doesn't piddle on the mound this time. Otherwise, newspaper on the nose.

CPA Predictions:

The CPA got roughed up again in the Mets series because it didn't expect the bullpen to give away game two. Game three was just a disaster on all fronts. Anyway it went 1-2 in that series and it's now 5-7 on the season with -4.45 units betting. Ugh. Time for a turnaround.

Game 1 - Braves by 1 run (this one is really close)
Game 2 - Braves by 1 run
Game 3 - Phillies by 2 runs

CPA thinks the Braves win the series. Then again, it thought we would beat the Mets and we got swept instead. The team needs to pitch better if they want to beat anybody, let alone the lowly Phillies.


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