Monday, April 13, 2015

Braves and Marlins Round 2

Time for a quick preview of the Marlins and the Braves, this time inside Turner Field!

Game 1: Miller v. Latos
Game 2: Cahill v. Koehler
Game 3: Stults v. Haren

Shelby Miller got a no-decision in his first game against the Fish, although the Braves did end up winning in a 2-0 effort. Still, 5 innings of shutout ball was nothing to sneeze at, and I hope Shelby can keep the train rolling against a slumping Marlins lineup. Meanwhile, the Braves absolutely destroyed Mat Latos the first time around, not even allowing him out of the first inning. I'm sure Mat is looking to get some revenge, and the Braves are probably looking for pitches out over the plate.

Trevor Cahill is the Braves starter you haven't seen yet. Over the last three years he's faced the Marlins four times, and he's never recorded a loss to go with 2 wins and a 3.00 ERA. However, the current Marlins lineup hits Cahill really well lifetime, especially Ichiro who is 12/30 off of him. I'd expect to see Ichiro get some playing time in this game given the splits. Koehler is the guy the Braves dinged for two runs in the loss when Shelby Miller was pitching. Koehler didn't pitch badly, he just made one bad pitch to AJ for a homer. The Braves will have to try to get more production against him in order to pull this one out.

The final game features Eric Stults after he looked very average in his opening start. Although the Braves ended up winning, Stults was getting lit up in the zone with several hard hit balls, including two that left the building. He opposes Dan Haren whom the Braves didn't see yet. Haren held Tampa Bay to just one run in 6 innings with his first start, before the Miami bullpen imploded and gave up 8 runs of their own costing him the decision. Haren has owned Atlanta in his last 3 years with a 1.71 ERA in 3 starts, and he's held the lineup to a sub-.600 OPS. This will be a race to the bullpen if the Braves hope to win the game.

The CPA went 1-2 in the first 3 games it picked for the Mets, so let's hope for some better picks in this series!

Game 1: Braves win by 3
Game 2: Braves lose by 1
Game 3: Braves lose by 4

Ugh. The CPA doesn't like this series. That's why it's a soulless machine, and not a fan. Hopefully those numbers are just the results of some early bugs, and the Braves can take the series.


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