Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ben is back, back again. Ben is back, tell a friend!

Hello All!

It's been a while since I posted here, and that was because I was writing for ATL All Day for almost a year. Wow, it seems like not that long ago I was posting on this blog about my crazy Braves opinions.

Well, we went through a transition at ATL All Day, and I went through a transition with my job. I'm no longer a tax CPA, I'm a private controller CPA. That means I'm not killing myself in tax season anymore, but it also means I've taken on more responsibilities. Those responsibilities mean that it's harder for me to meet someone else's deadlines and schedules.

Also, I just plain missed having my own space to throw my ideas against the wall. I need a bit more freedom when writing about the Braves with my schedule, so while I learned a ton at ATL All Day and loved the people, it was simply time for me to return home.

So here I am, ready for new season. I picked up the domain and I'm ready to rock and roll like ole gamblin' man BentheCPA all over again. Miss me?

I missed y'all. And I'm ready for a brand new season. That means recaps, previews, hyperbolic options and refusing to call BJ Upton Melvin. And more.

I'm back.

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