Monday, January 6, 2014

Phillies sign $2.5 Billion TV deal

Yep, take that handful of salt and rub it all in the wounds of our current payroll situation. A couple billion could buy our way out of a lot of problems like Dan Uggla and BJ Upton if he doesn't turn a corner. The Phillies will get about $100M takehome a year in their deal just on TV rights alone. The Braves will get about $20M max a year on that same period.

For the next 14 years, we're completely screwed on TV dollars.

That's why we moved the stadium, because the Braves will soon be the only team in the Majors that isn't making at least $50M a year on their TV rights, and we have a larger following than almost anybody in baseball. The Braves have to find a way to make the revenues match up to other teams through better attendance, more parking money, more naming rights money, and more amenities. For now, we're going to be okay. In the next 5 years, we might be okay. In 10 years, I'm not sure.

There are possible dark days coming between 2020-2027 when most teams will have already renegotiated their TV deals, and the Braves are still operating a team at $95M in payroll. The Braves are already in 18th place in payroll in 2013.

But hey, money isn't everything. Several teams spending less than the Braves made the playoffs, like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Tampa, and Oakland. It's not impossible to craft a team with a low payroll threshold and produce a consistent winner on the field. The Marlins proved in 2003 you can even win a World Series with the 25th payroll in the league. Still, your winners this year were the Boston Red Sox, a team that was 4th in payroll. The Giants in 2012 were 8th. The Cardinals in 2011 were 11th. The Giants in 2010 were 10th. I can go on and on, but for the most part, the winners of the World Series have averaged out in the top half of payroll in the MLB. That means the bottom half has for the most part gone wanting on the big trophy, regardless of playoff appearances.

If there's one thing the Braves need to lobby for it's either amnesty out of bad contracts, or a salary cap in the MLB. Otherwise, Frank Wren is going to have to become a master of moneyball.


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