Thursday, December 12, 2013

Braves Contract Talks Part 3

Short Update: The Braves signed Walden to a 1 year $1.49M contract. That means he is one of the first dominoes to fall on the offers made to about 9 Braves in order to avoid arbitration. This is the guy we got from LA in exchange for Tommy Hanson. Somebody remind me where Tommy Hanson is right now? He didn't get a contract offer? Wonder why. Oh because had a 5.42 ERA and got sent down to Salt Lake AAA? That sucks. For them.

Seriously, any Braves fan could tell you Tommy Hanson can't pitch. Much like we could tell you that Dan Uggla can't hit. The fact we got Walden in a trade for Hanson is nothing short of a miracle. Walden posted 54 Ks in 47 innings, a 1.13 WHIP, and an opposing BAA of .220 on the season. He's the perfect setup man for the 8th when you need a bridge. Get Venters back in the flow, and you've got a Venters-Walden-Kimbrel back end that people feel pretty comfortable about.


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