Thursday, September 19, 2013

Game 3 Recap: Nats

Feel better now? Everyone can breathe a little and relax, we're going to be okay. The Braves won a game and all is right with the world. For a while, it didn't look good. In fact, for about five innings of that game, the Braves had only amassed one hit. However, in the 6th just after CB Bucknor made another one of his famously awful calls to give the Nats the lead, the Braves busted out the bats. Dan Uggla led the charge with his first homer since I think February, and then Justin capped that off with a 2 run shot of his own to take the lead 3-2. This was of course after Fredi G and Wood had already been thrown out of the game by Bucknor for pointing out what a moron he is, and how he should have been fired at the AA level. But I digress.

The Braves win 5-2, the Magic Number is at 2, and the Nats look like they are going from furiously swimming upstream to possibly being swept out to sea. The Braves 2-9 with RISP isn't going to light me on fire with confidence about our hitting, but the clutch homers by Uggla and Justin did. Dan is obviously still trying to make a case that he's not awful and doesn't belong on the bench for the playoffs. I'm not buying yet. Maybe if he goes .300+ over the next 10 games with 5 homers? I might think about it. Otherwise, back of the line, Popeye. We need contact hitters.

Schafer finally showed up big after having what can only be described as a miserable week, as he went 2/4 with a run scored and an RBI. Justin went 2/4 with the aforementioned homer. BMac had a long shot off the center field wall that scored Simmons all the way from first, and Uggla had the leadoff bomb. The Braves didn't have a ton of chances, but they made the most of what they got, leaving only 4 guys on base. The pitching by Wood was superb before the 5th inning when things go away from him, and the calls at the plate were questionable. Then the bullpen who let us down in the first game, came roaring back to go 4 scoreless including a save by young Kimbrel. Craig looked like he was ready to chew nails out there on the mound. If blowing a save is what it took to light a fire under him, I'm happy it came before the playoff rounds.

So now the Braves enjoy a day off before heading to Chicago to face the slumping Cubs. The Cubbies have lost 5 in a row and 7 of their last 10 games. The Braves need to win two games to put this thing away, assuming the Nats don't drop a game to the crappy Marlins. Things are setting up well for that to happen, and for the Braves to enjoy a nice night on the town in Chicago when they clinch the division. Besides doing it at home, there aren't many better places to party in September than the Windy City. Hopefully they get to enjoy it soon.


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