Thursday, September 12, 2013

Game 3 Recap: Marlins 9/11/13

As expected, the Braves offense finally had a slump day, and it happened against a likely rookie of the year candidate in Fernandez. Simmons actually had a great day at the plate going 2/3 with a walk, a double, and a triple. Gattis hit another huge homer that went 412 feet. Also Schafer had a nice double in the game. Otherwise? The Braves went 1-10 with RISP, stranded 8, only had 7 hits, and in general didn't get the job done in key positions. That was bound to happen eventually since they've been riding a razor's edge at the plate in terms of situational hitting.

Meanwhile, Minor had a horrible outing. He's been going downhill in the latter half of the year, and it's starting to be a concern. In this game he went 6 innings, gave up an astounding 11 hits, 5 runs, and 2 homers including one to the pitcher. In his last 6 games, Minor has given up 4 runs or more in 4 of them. That's not good at all, and it should be concerning to fans that his ERA has been near 4.00 since the beginning of August. In the last 3 games specifically, he's been giving up homers, and that's the old Mike Minor problem. We can't have that as we wind down to the playoffs.

The homer he gave up to Fernandez started a bit of a broohaha as the rookie pitcher apparently showboated too much. This led to McCann getting in his face, CJ getting ready to slug the guy for apparently spitting on 3rd base, and the benches cleared. No punches were thrown, but there was a lot of pearl clutching about HOW TO PLAY THE GAME THE RIGHT WAY. Please, this is the end of the season guys. Everyone settle the hell down and focus on closing out this division. Fernandez met with his manager after the game and got a lesson about what is appropriate, and supposedly he apologized for being Bryce Harper for 30 seconds. Water under the bridge, as he's shut down for the season no anyway.

Today the Braves play a day game  to get out of Miami with a possible series win. Alex Wood is getting skipped in the rotation, so Atlanta will likely be sending out the giveup lineup with Freddy Garcia on the mound. I'm not pleased. I just want to finish this thing off instead of screwing around with resting people. Anyway, the CPA (73-50) won against last night with it's prediction of a Marlins win. Now it's ranks this day matchup to find out if the Braves walk out with 3 games or a split.

CPA Prediction Game 4: Braves 2 - Marlins 1

Eovaldi has shut out the Braves for 2 games in a row, but most pitchers can't keep that streak up for long against a power team. It doesn't have to be flashy, but a two run bomb might be the difference in this game according to the CPA. Look for Simmons to factor into this game given the prior history.


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