Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Game 1 Recap: Marlins 9/9/13

Hey that's one way to knock off a losing streak! Have a huge inning in the 4th and then just coast to the finish line on good pitching. I'll take that any day of the week. So will Kris Medlen for that matter, as he's been completely starved for offense.

The big inning started with a Justin double, then a Freddie double, then a Gattis double to score 2. Then a BMac walk, a CJ single that scored a run, Simmons lineout, Elliot Johnson single to score a run, a Medlen K, and a wild pitch that scored the 5th run. That's all your offense, and it all happened for the Braves in the 4th inning alone. In fact, the Braves didn't get a single hit after that inning, and they didn't get a hit before that inning. 8 innings of nothing, and 1 inning of brilliance. Talk about feast or famine inside a single game.

The pitching was fantastic for 6 innings, and then Medlen stayed in one inning too long in the 7th and gave up 2 runs. Other than that, and Fredi G did let him have some leeway there, Medlen was spot on. The bullpen put out the flames and proceeded to go into shutdown mode for the rest of the game and the win. The Braves went 4-9 with RISP while the Marlins went 3-9, but the results were wildly different. Mainly it was the plethora of doubles that sealed the victory for the Braves.

The downside is still the leadoff spot. Jordan Schafer went 0-4 in this game. This follows an 0-12 in Philly in the leadoff position. In fact, we haven't had a leadoff position hit since September 3rd when BJ had 2 against the Mets. The loss of Jason Heyward in that slot could not be more obvious, and the offense is much worse without him there. In that regard, the news has been good that Jason is ready to take batting practice, and he's on target to make it back into the lineup near the end of the regular season. It can't come fast enough to get him on track for the playoff push, because we are absolute desperate for some production at the top of the order right now.

Oh yeah, and the CPA (71-50)? Exactly right yesterday! BOOYAH! What about game 2?

CPA Prediction Game 2: Braves 2 - Marlins 1

The CPA isn't expecting a ton of runs in this one, mostly because the Braves are really streaky at the plate right now, but Julio has managed to fire on all cylinders against the Marlins. Look for him to try and strikeout a lot of guys early which may mean the pitch count gets up there. Also look for Freddie to be a difference maker in this one.


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