Thursday, August 8, 2013

Game 3 Recap: Nats SUPER SWEEP

Yep we're past brooms and we've moved on to the Street sweepers now. The Nats held out high hopes of staying in the division race by sweeping us, and they got swept in return. How? Because the Braves converted their chances at opportune moments, and they had the bullpen pitching the Nats could only dream about. That means we crack out the heavy duty machinery sweep of 13 games!

Headline by USA Today was "Braves are amazing and nobody is noticing." Oh really? I think we're noticing. The delay today is due to a project at work taking priority and some health stuff, so I apologize for the late writeup. However, it's worth noting the Braves have an off-day anyway, so you don't need the CPA to predict anything tonight. The game yesterday including 6 Braves runs on 15 hits, a 4-12 RISP number, and BJ Upton going 4/5 on the day. What? Yes, BJ went 4 for 5 in one game. The world, she is a changing. Perhaps when it's right for the Braves, EVERYTHING is right.

Heyward, Justin, Freeman, and Simmons also had multi-hit games. The Nats went 0-4 with RISP, and only Werth had a multi-hit game. That was the difference at the plate. The difference on the mound was Medlen weathering the storm, and the Nats bullpen giving up 4 runs. Medlen wasn't incredibly sharp, but he had his moments. 3 runs on 3 hits isn't too shabby over 7 innings, but they do add up when you give up a large gopher ball. The bullpen of course was great over 2 innings, giving up only two hits. HOWEVER, Craig did really struggle to get the save in the 9th when he had to go over 35 pitches just to finish the job.

What more can I say? I'm afraid to gild the lily further is to chance a jinx. The Braves are on an unprecedented tear, and it's showing up in great ways on the field. Everybody is locked in. Everyone is ready for the next game, but I guarantee Craig is ready to relax after his 36 pitches. Time for a break.


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