Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Game 1 Recap: Phillies 8/12/13

I have a theory. Whenever a game gets interrupted by rain, the Braves end up hitting poorly. Last night was delayed by over 2 hours, and the Braves couldn't hit a lick against Cole Hamels. Only 6 hits and 1 run crossed, compared to the 5 runs the Phillies plated. Teheran wasn't sharp in his first view of the Phillies lineup, and that cost him. I think he just wasn't mentally prepared to be in a low-scoring affair, and he just made too many mistakes up in the zone. The biggest one was the 3 run bomb to Cody Asche in the 6th. That sealed the game.

I will admit I was disgusted by BJ last night on his attempt to chase down a fly ball by Cole Hamels that turned into a triple and the opening run. He had a beat on the ball and he was running to the left center part of the field on pace to get it. However, he just sort of put his glove up late at the last second and totally missed it. Now, granted it's a hard play, and if he had laid out for it he might not have caught the thing. However, watching it live I have a hard time saying he gave that play the full effort it needed. I know for a fact after watching Jason Heyward play center a few weeks ago that Jason is getting dirty on that play rather than just tossing a hard out there. Couple that with the fact he went 0-3 again at the plate, and there are lots of Braves fans who are still sorry he ever showed up in this town. I don't want another Dan Uggla on our hands, but while I like Dan's general attitude, I really don't like BJ's at all when he makes a mistake (he complains/tantrums at everything).

The pitching was bad and the hitting was bad. Those usually lead to losses. The Braves only went 1-9 with RISP, and that was in the 9th inning when the game was already decided. The good news is that the rain should stay away tonight, and the Braves are facing off against a pitcher they roasted last time in Ethan Martin. Medlen looks to make it 4 in a row with a win tonight, but he's had a rough go against the Phillies this season and in 2012. The Braves, who were so hot at the plate during their streak, have cooled off a lot in the last week, only hitting .254 as a team. McCann, Simmons, and Uggla have fallen way off on the week, and that's been a problem for getting those occasional runners in. Meanwhile, Justin, Freeman, Heyward, and CJ are still lighting it up, and BJ has been hitting .313 on the month. The team just needs to turn the focus back to the field instead of the standings. I think being this far up and coming off a long streak has made the team a little lazy, and that's bound to happen when you have to wait 2 hours just to start a game. Everyone is just swinging at the first thing and ready to get home.

The CPA looks to right itself after getting soaked in Game 1. Will Medlen get his win and take this match to the rubber game?

CPA Prediction Game 2: Braves 8 - Phillies 5

The CPA likes a lot of runs in this game. Both pitchers have had major issues with the opposing lineups, and they have both given up large run totals in prior outings. That benefits the Braves at home given their current setup, as long as the game starts on time without rain.


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