Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Game 1 Recap: Mets 8/20/13

The first game didn't go like we wanted. In fact, it didn't even start well with the Mets scoring the first run in the 1st inning. However, it went off the rails when the Braves couldn't manage to stop the bleeding in the 6th inning. Beachy did a good job of keeping it close until that point, but he gave up a huge homer in the 6th to Byrd, and that was the difference in the game. The Braves would rally back 3 innings of their own in the 7th, but the bullpen gave up another homer to Davis in the 8th, and that would put a 2 run cushion on the board heading to the 9th. The Braves couldn't rally back this time.

The Braves got 8 hits but only managed to get 3 guys in scoring position. They went 1-3, but you need more opportunities than that in a game if you want to be successful. The Mets went 2-8, but they did damage with the long ball, a sort of role reversal from the usual Braves outing. Typically it's the Braves who damage with dingers, not the other way around. Simmons was the one guy who plated a bases clearing double in the 7th that gave the Braves their 3 runs, but that came on 2 outs and Freddie couldn't get him home in the following AB to tie the game. The Braves never touched 2nd base again after that inning, leading to the loss.

Beachy wasn't bad, despite the line of 6 inning, 4 runs, 3 earned, and 5 hits. He didn't walk anyone, and he struck out 4, but the bad pitch that cost him was the homer to Byrd. He was 19/24 first pitch strikes, so he wasn't falling behind or getting himself into trouble, it was a simply a matter of the Mets making good contact in a row. The unearned portion was BMac making a throwing error that cost the Braves a run in the 6th. That doesn't happen, maybe the Braves are tied in the 7th at 3-3 instead of down a run. We'll never know because it didn't work out that way.

Because today was a day game, the recap wasn't ready in time for a CPA prediction, but it's currently in extras so hopefully the Braves can get the split. I'll recap that tomorrow in addition to the series preview on the Cardinals. Hopefully we can get the bats going, because it's been pretty quiet lately.


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