Thursday, July 25, 2013

Game 3 Recap: Mets 7/24/13

Yesterday's win came at a high price. Tim Hudson looks like he'll be done for the season with a fractured ankle that happened while he was covering first base. At first, I thought he'd been spiked by the runner, but as I saw the replay I realized it was much, much worse. So there you have it, we're down one veteran for sure, and right now we have another veteran sitting on the DL in our rotation. Things just got weird. We have 3 starters that are solid in Minor, Teheran, and Medlen. Now we've added Alex Wood to pitch tonight. There's hopes we can add Beachy back or make a trade. I personally don't think they will do that. I don't believe the Braves will mortgage the future on this season, mainly because if I'm in the front office, I'm not confident enough in the team I have at the plate being able to support a star Ace. I'm also confident that people were ready to send Hudson to the bricks list of the bullpen before this happened. Frank Wren isn't going to panic when he's sitting on an 8 game lead in the standings. He'll assess what we have in the minors, assess the market, and make a move. However, if you're expecting a big name trade? I don't think that's coming because it doesn't make strategic sense to replace what we lost (an 8-7 starter with a 3.97 ERA).

The game itself was an 8-2 shellacking of the Mets. Gattis, Uggla, and Simmons all tallied homers for 6 RBIs. That series of homers in the 2nd and 5th inning essentially iced the game. The Mets weren't coming back from that. Uggla had a rare good day where he went 2/4 with the big homer that was actually meaningful. Gattis and Simmons also had a multi-hit day. The Braves scored 8 runs on 8 hits and 3 walks, going 2-4 with RISP. The fielders also helped out Hudson by turning 3 double plays in the game. Tim went 7.2 innings before his injury giving up only 4 hits. He was tagged with 2 runs after the fact because Avilan came in and couldn't retire the inherited runners. I don't really blame Avilan for that either, because it would be almost impossible to focus after seeing your teammate get carted off the baseball field. This isn't football, that doesn't happen often at all.

So, it's a dark day for Braves fans. I recommend sending your Tweets of support to the Braves and Tim Hudson's family letting him know you're thinking about him. He'll need that support in the weeks to come as he recovers from surgury. The Braves face off against the Mets one more time today at noon, with Alex Wood taking the mound against Zack Wheeler. The CPA accurately predicted a Braves win last night in a high scoring game, what will happen in the day anchor game?

CPA Prediction Game 4: Mets 3 - Braves 1

Wheeler dominated the Braves last time he faced them as a starter. He's had a good winning streak going all through July, and he faces off against a Braves lineup that just wants to get out of town. Alex Wood has almost no data against the Mets lineup, but he's yet to pitch more than 4 innings in a single game this season. That may put pressure on the pen if he can't go a little deeper. The Braves can solve a lot of that if they continue to go long.


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