Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Game 1 Recap: Mets 7/22/13

You can admit it if you turned off the game after the Braves were getting no-hit through 6 innings, and then stranded the bases loaded with no runs. It's okay to admit you gave up, because a lot of people did. The good news was the Braves kept plugging along, and they came back to win the game in the most crazy of circumstances. In the 9th inning, down by one, Brian McCann got things started with a single. Then Gattis singled. After Uggla moved on with a fielders choice, a passed ball advanced the runners to 2nd and 3rd. Chris Johnson hit a slow roller that scored the tying run, and Reed Johnson hit a base hit that plated the winning run. The Johnson boys, living it up in Citi Field! But it was far from over. Craig Kimbrel got himself in big trouble with the rain pouring down. He couldn't get a grip on the ball. After striking out Davis, he plunked Buck, struck out Lagares, walked Quintanilla, and there were runners 1st and 2nd with 2 outs. That's when Justin Turner came to the plate and smashed a tailing shot into left center. With Jason Heyward bolting like a gazelle at full speed, he laid out just in time to make the diving catch, and the Braves won the game. Everyone watching went berzerk. The announcers couldn't believe he got to that ball, Turner couldn't believe, and Craig looked like he'd just been pulled out of shark infested waters.

What can I say about this game statistically? Not really a ton considering we didn't accumulate a ton of stats. From a hitting standpoint, we deserved to lose until the 9th. Through 8 innings, the Braves had 3 hits total. In the 9th they plated 2 runs off 3 hits, and finished the game with a 2-6 RISP night (Magic Number!). Gattis gets a nod for being the only player with a multi-hit game. From a pitching standpoint, we couldn't be a lot better. Teheran battled for 6 innings with only one earned run. The bullpen went 3 innings with only a single hit surrendered. That's the kind of dominant stuff that gives a team a chance in the 9th inning to rally. Remember this if you tuned out early, you can't walk away from a 2 run game or less with this team. They rally too often. The bats can wake up at any moment.

The Braves went from hapless to happy in the span of one inning. You have to love that with this team. They don't give up, even when people on Twitter have decided they are sunk. The CPA (49-33) predicted a win, and it was rewarded. What about game 2?

CPA Prediction Game 2: Braves 3 - Mets 2

This is another close game where the CPA believes the Mets strike first, but their bullpen can't hold things together. Torres is a new starter, so it's unlikely he goes longer than 5-6 innings, and that leaves ample time for the Mets pen to set fire to the field.


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