Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Game 1 Recap: Marlins 7/8/13

That was long and mostly terrible with a great finish. Sort of like a plane ride to Hawaii. In the end, the Braves won a game they should have won in 9 innings, but it took them 14. The good news was that they won, because it helped take back a game in the standings on the Nats.

The Braves went 4-10 with RISP, most of that happening in the 14th inning. That's a good thing because it made the difference in the game. Justin Upton saved the day with his 2 large hits that drove in 3 RBIs. Uggla went 1-6, Simmons went 0-7, BMac went 0-5, BJ went 0-3 before he got yanked for Reed Johnson who also went 0-3. Again, half the lineup is showing up and the other half just wanders through the tulips hoping for the best on the road. There is usually the consistent 2 players that stink in Dan Uggla and BJ, then you have a random 2 that just can't hit the ball for some reason. In this game is was Simmons and BMac with the combined 0-12.

So we soldiered on as fans for 14 innings of almost perfect pitching by the Marlins pen. At one point, they had sat down 24 hitters in a row. It was nearly a perfect game within a game. The Braves bullpen matched them by only giving up 2 hits in 7.2 innings of shutout baseball. It was a battle to see who blinked first, and that answer was the fish. The whole game was just watching nobody get on base by  the Marlins, followed by the Braves doing nothing. Rinse and repeat. It was horrible TV. If you were watching it, I know for a fact you were doing something else at the time, because nobody could honestly sit and watch that game for entertainment purposes.

Let's hope for a win tonight as well, and perhaps a more entertaining game. The CPA (44-30) picked a win last night, and tonight it has some thoughts on the pitching matchup.

CPA Prediction Game 2: Braves 6 - Marlins 3

The Braves have seen Alvarez once before and rocked him soundly, with the exception of BJ Upton. Teheran has given up some hits to the Marlins lineup, but he was able to control the damage for the most part, the Braves just didn't score for him in the last outing. This time, the CPA thinks they will.


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