Saturday, June 8, 2013

Game 2 Recap: Dodgers 6/7/13

These games have been awful. The Braves can't look much worse at the plate, since we've managed to score only the grand total of one freaking run in two games. There's plenty of blame to go around, but none of it should fall on Freddie Freeman. He's the only guy in the lineup who has consistently been producing hits. Dan Uggla came out of the woodwork for a rare 2 out RISP hit, the first one he's had since nobody can actually remember when. The main problem? Gattis had probably the worst game of his short career so far, Justin Upton got hosed on a 10th inning blown call by CB Bucknor (worst ump in existence), and the Braves went 1-6 with RISP. We're horrible right now in that category, and it's carried over from the Pirates series.

While the hitting has been hideous, the pitching has been amazing. Paul added to another good starting performance going 7.1 innings with only one blemish, a homer to that rookie Puig. Didn't matter though, because he got only one run of support. If we're relying on our starters to throw shutouts on the road, we're going to lose a ton of games. The bullpen couldn't hold things together for long in extras, meaning the Dodgers got an easy "walkoff" when Varvaro heaved a wild pitch a foot in front of the plate, scoring a runner from third without the benefit of a hit. It was a horrible way to end an already horrible game.

Is there really more I need to say? How can I break down exactly how pitiful this team can be once they hit the road? You'd think we'd be used to it by now, but the Braves seem to always find new ways to twist the knife, especially in late hours on the Eastern seaboard. We had one walk in the game, and it was Dan's. We had one run in the game, and it was Freddie coming around on a 2 out Dan single. The rest of the lineup besides Freddie and Dan combined for 4 hits, no walks, and a shameful display that stranded 8 runners.

The CPA was right, we lost. I'm not sure what it will think of Game 3, but with a starter on the mound for the Dodgers that's never pitched 10 games, you have to hope the Braves can find something. Here's an idea, Fredi: Try that perfect lineup that scored 11 runs? Maybe leave the Mendoza show on the bench for a game and put in McCann again?

CPA Prediction Game 3: Braves 3 - Dodgers 2

The Braves luck has to turn as some point, and Fife is the kind of pitcher that got roughed by the Orioles (another high power team). Also Fife's unlikely to go longer than 6, which means we get at least 3 innings of Dodger pen if things go right. The odds are that leads to victory.


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