Sunday, June 23, 2013

Game 2 Recap: Brewers 6/22/13

Didn't I just watch this game? Another 2-0 loss by the Braves where they couldn't hit a lick? Seems like these terrible games are starting to run together like a red shirt in a load of washing whites. Our bad hitting is tainting everything, and costing us wins. Hudson pitched great, just like Teheran before him. That didn't matter, because the Braves couldn't plate a run. In fact, they haven't plated a run now for over 24 innings. That's right, you have to go back to the 3rd inning of the Thursday game against the Mets to find a time when the Braves scored. I said at the beginning of this series that I just wanted a single win. I'm sure many people rolled their eyes at that and thought I was just being dramatic. I was not. We are so bad when facing new pitchers, that I seriously wonder if this team may not score a run in this entire series. Bear in mind, this Milwaukee team was dead last in their division when this started, behind the Cubs.

The Braves got 4 hits. Simmons had 2, and BJ had 2. It's almost ironic that BJ has started heating up just while the rest of the team has gone completely into the tank. Heyward, Freeman, McCann, and CJ didn't touch a base. Those are supposedly 4 of your best hitters, all getting blanked. As one of my buddies discussed with me yesterday, it's like they are going up to the plate with absolutely no plan. It's just swinging away at every breaking ball that comes their way, and not working counts to get into a position to see a hitter's pitch. That's a good point, because if you look at the pitches seen by each hitter, you see an alarming trend. Heyward saw 11 pitches in 4 ABs, McCann saw only 11 in 3 ABs, and CJ saw 9 in 3 ABs. Seeing an average of 3 pitches isn't going to do the job. However, even though Freddie didn't get a hit, he saw 20 pitches in 4 ABs. An average of 5 means he got to full counts a few times, and saw enough pitches to at least barrel up a few balls with only one K. Freddie always has a plan. I'm not sure the rest of our hitters do. Even Simmons, who got 2 hits, only saw 13 pitches in his 4 ABs. That can turn on you quickly if you're not careful.

Our pitchers must want to turn over a watercooler in the clubhouse. We have a top 5 pitching staff in the game, and we're losing over and over to a league leading amount of shutouts. I won't belabor the point much, but we're pitching well. Everyone who watches the games can see that. We're just not hitting the ball. Everything that is wrong right now with the Braves is offensive (small pun). So, for the time being, we as fans can focus all of our energy on doing what we can do change our luck. That means lucky hats, shirts, sandals, underwear, socks, whatever you have in your place. Put those on today for the 2PM game. I'm going to do my part by putting on a Hawaiian shirt, pulling out the dueling tomahawks of red and white, and putting on my straw hat in the house. Don't ask me why that seems to work well.

CPA Prediction Game 3:  Brewers 4 - Braves 0

The CPA is predicting a shutout. The CPA has never accurately reported a team getting shut out. In fact, in many cases, when the CPA guessed a team would get shut out, that team went on to win the game with a lot of runs. So, we'll see what happens. It's another game where you have a young pitcher the Braves have never seen, against our vet starter who has a terrible road ERA. Let's see what happens. Maybe a little luck will be on our side.


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