Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Game 2 & 3 Doubleheader Recap: Mets 6/18/13

We lost both. The bats couldn't have looked worse, and we went 0-12 in the second game with RISP. Honestly, I don't even want to think about these games because we were facing guys the majority of the lineup had never seen, and it was coming off probably one of the most tiring days we're likely to have all year. Anything I try to analyze about these matchups will never hold true in a normal setting that doesn't include rain, and playing 3 games in 24 hours. The Mets had a better plan than we did, and that was to just see ball, hit ball. They had 21 hits in 2 games. We had 13 hits. That was the difference.

The pitching wasn't good, but then again how could it be? Maholm did fine allowing only 2 runs, but then the bullpen botched that up. If yesterday was the worst day of the season, I'll take it right now. Somehow we're still in position of 7 games up in the standings because the rest of the division is a floating joke. I can't tell if that will last all season, but if you're the Nats or Phils, it has to be demoralizing to watch the Braves lose 2 in a row, and still realize you don't even have winning record yet. Nobody does in the division except for the Braves. We are literally the only division in baseball that has a single team at .500 or better in the entire set of teams. If we don't win this division the way things are going this year, it's a joke. The Braves are in the almost identical division position that the Falcons found themselves in the NFL last season.

After all is said and done, those games don't matter. Other than being tired from watching that much baseball in a row, nothing has really changed. The Braves can go out tonight and win if they get some hits. That's the only thing holding them back right now, and that ebbs and flows. Sean Marcum has been terrible against everyone except the Braves, so you hope that the lineup decides to make contact today. If they do that, they can win. If they strike out 12 times again, they will lose. Simple as that.

The CPA (34-26) lost both games of the doubleheader, which sets up for today's prediction with Medlen on the mound.

CPA Prediction Game 4: Braves 3 - Mets 2

The CPA doesn't think the Braves will get to Marcum. It thinks they will get to the pen. It expects another game where the Braves don't hit for 6 innings, followed by a flurry of offense against the Mets relief core where they edge it out. The most concerning thing is the strikeouts by Marcum. If he really settles in, the Braves are in big trouble.

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