Sunday, May 12, 2013

Game 3 Recap: Giants 5/11/13

The Braves lost 10-1. Maholm had the only RBI. Uggla and CJ struck out every single AB. We went 1-8 with RISP. Maholm gave up 6 runs in only 4.1 innings. The Giants went 7-13 with RISP. Bumgarner had 11 Ks. To date, it's only the second worse loss of the year, simply because the Tigers beat the Braves 10-0 on the road in that last horrible trip. The good news is it's only one game.

I could go into the who and why and where things went wrong, but I won't because it's pretty simple. Maholm doesn't fare well against this lineup. If we faced them in the playoffs, he's lose 4 of every 5 games. It's not a good setup, because they hit lefty pitching so very well. I want people to take note, because these two games were the ones where Fredi Gonzalez left the team to watch his daughter graduate high school. I don't think it's any coincidence we got shellacked in both. People may hate Fredi's decisions at times, but I believe he's a great manager who's presence is sorely noticed when it's not there.

There are a couple of bright spots to take away from this disaster. One, BJ got another hit. I believe he's heating up. He's taking more walks, he's getting deeper into counts, and he's hitting the ball with authority instead of weak popups. He's hitting .200 on the month and rising. Let's hope it continues. The other good thing is that Gattis went 2/4, and was the only hitter with multiple hits on the day. He's showing why he's still needed in this lineup even with the return of McCann. The guy can hit, and we need hitters on off-days and off the bench.

The CPA has this one pretty well measured, although the beatdown was bigger than anticipated. It's now 18-12 on the season, and we'll see what it thinks of our split chances toward in the 4 games series.

CPA Prediction Game 3: Braves 5 - Giants 3

The CPA thinks the Braves are going to bounce back in this effort and get Medlen his first win in a while. The Braves hitters like McCann, Schafer, Francisco, and Justin have all had really good days off Timmy Jim in the past. Meanwhile, Medlen has been pitching much better on the road than most of our guys, but he's lacked the support. Today the CPA thinks he'll get some runs to help.


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